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  1. Permission to Febreze....but no reply came from......
  2. Seems to me that the 10 to 2 hand position actually would work in either case......I'll drive you dear.........
  3. And explode it does....what a money shot! I wish I had known.........
  4. Good Luck and congrats! How about naming it Poems by The beautiful and Highly Intelligent Theresa?....I'll drive for you too......
  5. "Got a light?".......and by the way, how in hell........
  6. The worlds a better place with you in it. You will return to the place you need to be to accept love and give love without fear. Relationships between 2 people who share a mutual love for one another, sometimes suffer hurt and pain emotionally in everyday struggles of life but should never under any circumstances bring physical pain and abuse to each other. I'm sorry for your experiences, let them make you stronger as a woman. Let the world around you heal you as only mother earth can. From your roots, a stronger, loving woman will emerge and I am glad to know you. Love Bill
  7. Post made by OddyseyT in Open Pulpit: Thank you for posting. I coppied it here in hopes of creating discussion over the topic.
  8. Glad you liked the parrots....actually if you turn those parrots into humans there would be not much difference.....LOL

  9. My condolences go out to the Hensley family. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. My thanks go out to the Hensleys for the ULC and the family I have found. Weep not for Lida, rejoice in her accomplishments! The torch she carried is handed down now to her children while she joins her husband in the afterlife. As the torch still burns brightly for all those seeking their way through this life, the Hensleys accomplishments on this earth forever light the way for those stumbling in the fog seeking their way, their belief, their god and their reason for existence. For this, we give thanks and God bless. Rev. Charles (Bill) Kuespert ULC forum moderator ULC Saint Rolling Prairie,In
  10. Another rare white buffalo has been born to the same farm in Wisconsin. A prophesy and sign to natives. 3rd rare white buffalo born on Wis. farm
  11. Congrats Karen. you are deserving of the recognition.