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  1. Dang, and I'm still plugging away! Oh well, only 9 more to go. Will
  2. Thanks to everyone who posted. I now have 4 more books on order, and it will be a pretty darn good selection (IMHO). Will
  3. Dang, looks like I've got about another 59 posts to go. Still plugging away. Will
  4. Just finished ordering that one at Thanks again for the info. Will
  5. Thanks for the info... I'll take a look for it. For me, every little bit helps. Will
  6. I just wondered if anyone would be willing to share any books or computer programs that you might use for inspiration when you just can't come up with the wording you want to use for weddings? For me, the cd I bought from ULC, Wedding Words on cd, has been invaluable for the help it has given me. Not only that, but here's a quick list of other books that I've purchased that have helped as well for writing the ceremonies that I've officiated (2 weddings and now 1 renewal). Diane Warner's Contemporary Guide to Wedding Ceremonies The Wedding Ceremony Planner - Reverand Judith Johnson, PhD The
  7. Just for the grins, I figured I'd post the words I used for the whole ceremony. If anyone ever needs to use part of it (or all), please feel free to edit as you see fit. Will GATHERING WORDS One of the great joys of the wedding day is the joining together of the couple’s families and friends. Carissa and Jake are filled with gratitude to each and every one of you for the loving, caring, friendship and support that you have given them throughout their lives. Being able to share their wedding day with you, surrounded by your love and support, is a treasured blessing. Knowing that your best wi
  8. Saturday night I officiated a 25th Anniversary Renewal-of-Wedding vows. I figured I'd post it here, and anyone who might need to use part of it is welcome to it. Best Wishes, Will WELCOME (read by daughter) I’d like to thank all of you, family and good friends, who have taken the time today to join my mom and dad with this celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary and the renewal of their marriage vows. Not only are we here to wish them continued happiness in their future life together, we’re also here to celebrate the love that my parents have for each other as well as the love that eac
  9. Actually, the wedding was Friday night and it went very well (even with me being very nervous at the start, and with my knees shaking a bit - lol). I did end up using Heavenly Father, and it went over well with the bride's JW Mother and Sister. If anyone wants me to post the whole ceremony I used (done in about 7 minutes) I can do that as well. Thanks, Will P.S. Trying to post a picture as an attachment. If that doesn't work, I'll save it to my webserver and post an image. In the pic, the bride is standing with her two children from a previous marriage, and the groom is holding his daughte
  10. I'm downloading it now, but had to use an FTP program to get it to work. Will
  11. P.S. I'm all ready thinking of not starting off the prayer with Beloved God, or starting off with Lord.
  12. I'm going to be officiating a wedding next Friday (March 9th), and 2 members of the bride's family (mother and one sister) are Jehova's Witnesses. Even though I've tried to read what I can find about JW's, I'm hoping a few of you might have an idea of what is okay and what isn't. The following is the Opening Prayer that I plan on using. If any of you have any idea on something I might need to change, please do let me know (I just want to make sure that I won't say anything that will upset one of them). Beloved God, we are gathered here, uniting our hearts as one in support and celebration o
  13. Well, looking through my book "World Religions made easy", what I'm seeing is that if she follows her religion very closely there won't be a party. The ones that stand out in the book (listed under 'unusual practices'): 1. Blood transfusions are refused 2. The cross should not be used as a symbol 3. They refuse to vote in political elections, salute the flag or sing the Star Spangled Banner 4. They do not celebrate Christmas or birthdays 5. They refuse to serve in the armed forces Now, my sister-in-law is also a Jehovah's Witness. I can remember celebrating her birthday several times, an