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  1. Do that which is right. Deuteronomy 6:18

  2. I usually draw my inspiration from scripture. Sermons should only last about 30 minutes. You MUST do your research. Start by choosing your topic.Create an outline. Make 3 main points, with supporting scriptures and sub commentary notes. Then summarize your message by hitting your 3 main points briefly. Last, draw your message to a close by offering a concluding thought. Always file and save old sermon outlines. Hope this helps. is one resource to look at.
  3. Rev. Kirby may not of had formal education, but I would contend that he was a student of life, and I feel a very smart & educated man. I am a BIG fan and a student of Rev. Hensley. I read as much as I can about him. I regret that I never got to meet him.
  4. Well, the ULC no longer offers the course. I just thought some one might still have an old copy that they no longer needed. I've searched high and lo on ebay, amazon, Google...... To no avail. Oh well, thanks everyone.
  5. Does anyone have a Universal Life University course in common law That you would consider selling, trading, loaning or. even donating to me. I have been trying learn about the common law. Does anyone know about the ulc common law course. Many Thanks Rev Howard