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  1. I also need to state again,as like people getting divorced,I Keenan HBostic am not responsable for anyone elses debts,public or private /my lawyer said to take a ad out in the local papers classified section ,when I was gettin devorced.This time I hear the police types aswell as my relatives in the police have put 1`/2 dozen unlicenced road houses in my name.Probably because Ive done 6.6 million in stock,between my 4,5,6 leaf clovers coupled to my health and longlife resource pages.The Longlife ressource Pages,are alternately coupled to a taliman set as charity fundraisers,inluding the Red Cross and the Armed Forces of our Military over the past30 years.I put apx 600,6000.00 ,in my extended families name in to the red cross for them to use as a tax deduction,not having a taxable income for me to use thusly.I have 1/2 doz aunts n uncles in law enforcement,one told me,thats the 1st time vI ever got a tax return on his detective grade pay,a uncle Greene,who married one of my dads 7 sisters.My dad,who had a Ed major out ofMichigan St U,also had 7 brothers raised inboth N and S Carolina,Im % miles noth of the State line to S Carolina here/That is all/end communique