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  1. i LIVE IN A MAJORITY bAPTIST AREA,DADS FAMILY ARE IN THIS RELIGIOUS GROUP AS WELLI was informed 2 aunts and a uncle died over the past 18 months months.Back when I got divorced in79,my Lawyer said til I got divorced,I needed to publish : I am not responsable for any debts ,public or private,for anyone else other than myself/ This ,is also beinbg done now for any unlicensed roadhouse type plainclothes ops my relatives may have been involsed in as well.They like to put their heat off on handicapped old folks like me ,in the LEO world ,my aunts and uncles were involved with ,they cant stay off my back.

    My brother repaired police elecronic equipment whom also dies over the past couple yrs,& none of my relatives left me anything,& I don t assume any debts either of theirs...Consider this a legal notification as well please,maybe this is where some of my troubles are comi9ng from lately...I put 400 000 of my charity fundraiser 4 leaf clovers with my health & longlife resource pages in my extended families name over the past 30yrs as well as 4 million in charity efforts total,^& it was all out of pocket,none came to me,I figured it was a good thing to do as Im chronically handicapped myself.Amen