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    Monsignor Samuel Cummings
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    Livonia, Michigan USA

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    amateur radio, gaming, technology, political science, reading and research
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    Family, friends, faith and those willing to listen to one another.
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    Ask yourself where you are going; then ask yourself if you're surrounding yourself with those who will help get you there.
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    Title Insurance Agent
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A Third Generation Minister
Rev. Earl Samuel Cummings, Ph.D. -- First Christian Church, Brazil, IN  USA
Rev. J. C. Cummings, D.D. -- ULC of Indianapolis, Plainfield, IN  USA
Rev. Monsignor Samuel Cummings, D.D., Ph.D. -- ULC of Michigan, Livonia, MI  USA


Hey everyone!   Thanks for taking a second to read more about me and who I am.

I'm just a guy in my 30s... with a computer, a cell phone, and an iPad.  I read and research way too much, my occasional vices are ladies and cheap booze -- and I do the minister thing too.  I'm lucky enough to be an advisor to my friends, and I've conducted a few weddings.  I'm a regular guy who likes to have fun and not to take life too seriously.  I don't pretend to have all the answers, I just hope I help friends and those around me make the right decisions.

Feel free to say Hi!  I like to think I'm cool -- my kid sister may disagree, though.