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  1. It really depends upon what you are referencing. For example, their Honorary Dr. of Divinity Certificate clearly states that it is a "honorary and non-accredited Universal Life Church Ministries Doctorate of Divinity". In their Frequently Asked Questions, they reply " Universal Life Church titles are honorary certificates " when asked "Does the title of (Dr. or Counselor, etc…) come with legal protections?". Here at the, they clearly indicate the legitimacy of their degrees: Now that you have found the "real" Universal Life Church, I'd recommend you make further purchases here.
  2. Welcome Rev Beanie. It seems things are slow around here these days. Maybe you have started a trend though and we will see an uptick in participation thanks to you! Sorry about your issues on that other site. I have heard many unsettling stories coming from there just as you are experiencing. Hopefully it will all be resolved though. You should consider making purchases directly from The Headquarters or here at Again, welcome and I look forward to your active participation.
  3. Welcome, Joannie! I like your doctrine. Short, simple but factual at the same time. Just to throw a little bible at you . . . Matthew 22:36-39, Mark 12:29-31, Deuteronomy 6:4-5 and Leviticus 19:18 . . . in a nutshell says, "You shall love the Lord you God with all you heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love you neighbor as yourself." It's all about the love! Again, welcome and I hope you become an active participant!
  4. As more news stories are posted on the internet, the more that will be posted. If nothing else, I hope you find it somewhat informative.
  5. Cool. Hope activity increases to give you plenty of content to think about!
  6. Actually, if you are referring to articles that are published, those are databased from the internet by searching for "Universal Life Church". If the majority of the stories contain references to "monastery" then that's because those are the stories the search spider found. I understand the negativity toward the monastery and agree. However, to accurately respond to your comment . . . you are incorrect. I'm not big on the monastery, the news stories simply reference their site/organization for those are the stories the spider found first.
  7. ULC in the News I own a news site and as part of that site I have written a script to search for ULC in the news. If you are interested, check out the ULC in the News page on our website at ULC of Texas. Check back often as the script runs hourly and any fresh news stories located will be posted there.
  8. As long as others step up and participate, so shall I. Forums are a way of the past, really, thanks to social media. Everyone has instaneous feedback from posts on Twitter, Facebook and the such. Inactive forums make a person wait a day, days or never for a response. I appreciate you replying and look forward to actively participating with you.
  9. I have been a lurker around here since 2004. I do not and can not participate where anger and hostility is blatantly demonstrated. As such, I simply sat back and let it feed on itself until it was gone. Even though this forum seems rather silent, it is a great opportunity for it to grow. Much like a field of weeds. If you burn it, the ashes fill the soil with nutrients. Plant crops and they will grow greatly. If you want this forum to be a success, then you've taken the right step by making a topic. I hope everyone continues to join in the conversations. I've waited a long time to join . . . so now the active participation can begin
  10. Guess it's time for me to join. I've been a long time lurker, since 2004. Figured I should find the time to be an actively participating member. I look forward to posting with you all and learning!