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  1. Hello everyone! I am a new forum member but have been a minister with ULC since 2010. My ministry is a healing one. I became a Reiki practitioner and found that even though Reiki itself is not a religion, it became a very deep connection to Spirit for me. I work with my Loving Angels and those of my clients to channel the unconditional healing Love of Spirit (the Universe) which is all around us to clear blocks that build up within us during our daily lives. Stress, anger and negativity all contribute to our not receiving this healing energy automatically. Lack of this energy is what causes us to become ill, feel alone and unLoved. In the Love of Spirit (the Universe) we are all One. Kind of a very long way to say that I became a minister because I felt that I could better learn to share my belief that simply LOVE is the answer. It is the one thing that is included in almost every currently established religion. I try to make it simple. Just be LOVE and all else falls into place. In Love we find peace, in Love we find healing, in Love we become ONE. Thanks for this forum where we can share our beliefs without fear of ridicule from negativity. Be Blessed, Be LOVE ♥ Joannie
  2. Not sure if I'm too late, but I just got here. I will be Officiating at a wedding in the Rochester area in a few months. NYS only requires a license if you are performing a ceremony in NYC. However, there may be requirements on the city/county level. Find out where your couple will be getting their marriage license and give them a call. That is what I did, and was relieved to find out that there is nothing required from me except to sign and mail the license back to the city after the ceremony. Best of luck!