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I AM THAT I AM, as Jesus was/is, a true Christian minister with a compassion understanding of Interfaith beliefs. I foster education, not of the scalpled modern bible, but of the teachings of Jesus Christ which were taught until 364 AD when the Roman Empire adoped its Patriarchcal Society, eliminating women from leadership roles, and many other life-changing teachings. This happened at the Council of Laodicea. Most Christians only know the adulterated modern versions of today bible, unfortuantely. It took me over 20 years to allow myself to learn and accept what actually happened to authentic Christian history. Today's modern bible has hijacked the real message of Jesus. My work is to enlighten others on their way to full mastery and ascension.


I am continuing my studies in the Chaplaincy program. I have finished the 45 hours of volunteer service at Harrington Hospital as well as the Chaplaincy course. Currently I am taking the Comparative Religion and Spirit Quest courses. I look forward to the other courses and knowledge I will acquire through them.


I base my online ministry, Enlightenment Mastery,  as closely as I can on Jesus, who did not have a church, went where the people were and spoke to people who did not believe exactly as he believed. I now do the same with this online, worldwide ministry because that is where the people are, online. I no longer wish to be called reverend, pastor, master of this or that, or any other title. Jesus told us in Matthew 23:8-12 not to be called Rabbi, Teacher, Father, Leader or any other title. We are all brothers and sisters on this planet, sharing inspiration, enlightenment, and understanding to the best of our abilities. I am one of you and share the wealth of knowledge I have gained thus far. I promote all Jesus teachings, which he tells us to promote. I take this commission by Jesus very seriously, to enlighten all with the ChristLight WITHIN everyone, the 'Silver Cord,' of Eccesiastices 12:6-7. I am back in the ULC Seminary to acquire even more knowledge and understanding of other faiths, and how to be a more competent and compassionate minister.


I am the author of "MYSTERY OF THE STURBRIDGE KEYS" published by iUniverse. It is a time travel book starting out in Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. It is a real, living museum set in time at 1830's. Thirteen year old Brie is the heroine of this historical work of fiction, at a time when the world is in need of a strong, young, female character. She attends Old Sturbridge Village during the Christmas by Candlelight Celebration, only to get split up with half of her family, who stay in real time, the portrayed 1830's. Brie and the other half of her family go back in time, several times, to discover history, ancient history, prehistory, and antediluvian history first hand. Brie even babysit baby Jesus from birth until he is two years old when the Magi arrive at his home in Bethlehem. What is the mystery that Old Sturbridge Village has discovered? A set of antique keys unlock the secret of Christmas. "MYSTERY OF THE STURBRIDGE KEYS" is available through of the Sturbridge Keys.