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  1. Acknowledge the ChristLight WITHIN you. I AM THAT I AM.

  2. True. I think our hearts are restless until we find God, the Father of Jesus. I say it that way because as humans, we tend to worship many "gods." The quest is noble. Never give up the quest I say. The bible says God is love. I believe that. I also think we all have a God particle within us, no matter what our belief system is. I think that has to do with the light within us. I think we all find God, if we ever really do, in our own ways. So much of how we explain our beliefs is semantics.
  3. I can understand that point of view. I've even questioned these things myself. I question everything. But one thing I cannot deny are my personal experiences in prayer and at other times when I feel God's presence. There really are no words to describe the indescribable.
  4. Sorry for the delay in my response. The only people that I read of who did speak against Jesus were the Jewish Pharisees and the Sadducees of his time, pretty much saying that he was a fraud. I have read stories handed down through the Jewish oral tradition, that the back wall of the tomb was a movable stone, that Jesus body was stolen, and that story has been told to this very day. I took a class from an energy teacher, whose mother was of the Jewish faith. The teacher told this story in the process of teaching something else. I was surprised it was still being promulgated today. Many New Age
  5. So glad you are back. May God bless you and your ministry. You have a lot to share.
  6. Love your motto! Wisdom dispelling ignorance.

  7. After a long break, I am back. I am looking to reconnect with past friends and find new friends here in the ULC. I welcome all new ministers here in the ULC. Since we are interfaith, I am hoping to add friends and communicate with people of all beliefs. I am so thankful for the ULC. It is the perfect place to connect with others, continue education, share experiences, and in the process possibly be of help to others.

  8. That's OK. Since then, I have posted another couple posts on the Secret Book Of James, which I divided into two parts. I should also post them here in the ULC forum. They are also on my website: Let me get them on the forum too.
  9. I can understand that. My next thought addresses your first question, of one covenant or two. Lately I have been studying the Nag Hammadi Scriptures, many of which describe that initially God first created Jesus, being love, and Sophia, being wisdom, and that all the rest of Creation was to be made through them, from love and wisdom together. But Sophia creates on her own and creates Yaldaboath, who then creates 7 archon. Yaldaboath then looks around and seeing no other greater than himself, stands up and says, "I am the lord they God ..." and proceeds with how all creation is to
  10. I have been looking very closely at all of this, and the promises and threats from the "God" of the Old Testament. More and More I see that Jesus in John 8:44 really meant what he said, when Jesus specifically says his Father is not our Father, that our father is the devil and the father of lies. I can better understand, that God, the Father of Jesus had compassion on us, because he IS Love, and not a vengeful god. No wonder we have to go through Jesus to get to the God of LOVE.
  11. I know. For this very reason, I have been taking a much deeper look at which "God" is saying this. I seems that the "God" of the Old Testament is not a very loving "God," but a violent and blood thirsty "God." This is making me take a better look at the Nag Hammadi Scriptures, when they say that we were not made by God the Father of Jesus, but by Yaldaboath, who was made out of wisdom, but not love. I dismissed this years ago when I first heard it. But then I came across John 8:44, where Jesus specifically says that his Father is not our father, that our father is the devil and the
  12. The first thing that comes to mind is when God says he will never again send a flood to kill all mankind. Could that be considered a covenant, a promise between God and man?
  13. More to the point of this initial topic of One Covenant or Two, I checked out The Interlinear Bible (Hebrew-Greek-English), which sent me to Strong's Expanded Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. It is true that the Hebrew word "kohen" means one officiating, a priest, or one acting as priest, as Zamber aptly points out that even pagans had their priests who served their gods, as intermediaries between their god and the people. This concordance says that the Jewish priestly role began in the days of Moses (commonly referred to as the Old Covenant). Jesus (known as the New Covenant) says he came
  14. Upon reflection, I do know a bit about the Pharisees and Sadducees. The following is my understanding of the Pharisees and the Sadducees. PHARISEES The Pharisees were a prominent sect of Judaism existing in the first century C.E. According to some scholars, the name literally means "Separated Ones; Separatists," referring perhaps to avoidance of ceremonial uncleanness or to separation from Gentiles. Just when the Pharisees had their beginning is not preciously known. The writings of the Jewish historian Josephus indicate that in the time of John Hyrcanus I (latter half
  15. Hello RabbiO ~ You are absolutely correct, except you are giving me too much credit. What I presently know of the Pharisees and the Sadducees would fit on the head of the pin, which is vastly more than what a thimble holds. I am currently studying in the Seminary, the course, Comparative Religions. I am only on week 1. I know I have much to learn. What I know about the Jewish religion is what my Christian upbringing has provided me, which is precious little about the Pharisees and Sadducees. Part of my homework for this course is to visit other religions which I know li
  16. I find my beliefs come from experiencing different beliefs first hand. I seem to investigate beliefs deeply to see if it feels right for me. For example I had a deeply rooted Catholic upbringing and continued with extensive studies and teaching Catholic doctrine. Then I went to a New Age School to learn what they knew. I think I must been the student from hell though, as I sat in my first Reiki class, with my arms and ankles folded. They asked how I was doing. I told them I was here to learn Reiki, not to have them mess with my theology. Shows you what I knew then. Still I wanted to learn abou
  17. I am late to this conversation, if that is OK. But I am here. I have learned that when Jesus came, he came as the fulfillment of all Old Testament prophecies, and fulfilled the letter of the law, as well as to teach what was called the New Way, which was also simply called, "The Way." Jesus came to teach the heart of the law, with love, empathy and compassion, which was something new to both the Sadducees and the Pharisees. Jesus taught that it was OK to heal on the Sabbath, to eat by plucking grain and eating it, etch. It is at least the Christian view that if you keep the Golden Rule laws, y
  18. Aloha Rev. Dhana ~ I am just returning back to my ministry here, and my online ministry at Enlightenment Ministries with Rev. Linda Hourihan. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I also was ordained 14 years ago. I also just returned from an entire year in Oahu. I know death of our loved ones is so hard to go through. What helps me is my belief that when Jesus walked on the earth, he showed us resurrection from death is real. He promised us all that there will be a resurrection at the end of this life, for all who have died, both the righteous and the unrighteous. So I will be able to hug my Da
  19. Consider for a moment that something you have believed all your life is not quite the way it really is. Can you imagine that? Has it ever happened to you that someone did not tell you the whole truth, or misrepresented the truth, in order to get something they wanted, which they wished to remain hidden? The early Church Fathers suppressed such truth, resorting to alternative "truths." This information becomes apparent when you discover the Books of Enoch and many other Nag Hammadi Scriptures, which were in fact well-known as scriptures until 325 BCE, over 325 years after Jesus. Ora
  20. What have I learned in the Master of Chaplaincy Course? I have learned more about helping other human beings in a wide variety of belief systems on this journey through life. I began my ministry as a chaplain at the local hospital. I wanted to dovetail this particular course with the first-hand experience of doing the mandatory 45 hours of chaplaincy service to become an ordained ULC Chaplain. I found most people in the hospital appreciated my visit, at least as a distraction of what brought them to the hospital in the first place. At first, I just went in the patient’s room
  21. I do believe in Christ, Jesus Christ, but there is so much more to Jesus than the Bible teaches. I am still investigating this. I think all Christians need to know all of what Jesus said and taught, not just part of it. I also need to know more about gnostic teachings, and other teachings, which I plan on taking as part of my Chaplaincy program. Until I come to understand this information differently, I am a Christian, and calling myself a Christian. I need more than someone else's opinion on this matter to change my mind. However, I am looking much more closely on these points, at least comin
  22. I AM aligning and embracing Light shifts which is allowing me to embrace my divinity. I Am alive. I AM breathing. I AM divine. I AM aligning to God, not the god you think of as the creator god of this system of things, which is where you trip on, thinking that is my god. That god is vile. I AM aligning to the first, pure, love energy God, Father/Mother of Jesus, who is not the creator of humans. My intent in my recognitions is pure. You certainly do not need to know or believe what I say. I AM only expressing this because you incorrectly assume - in your trying to correct or suggest correction
  23. I do not deny anyone any god they chose to follow. You are making incorrect leaps of assumptions on what I believe. I do not know whether I am a "Universalist" or not. I choose to believe "Universal" Life Church stands "Universal" as in common to everyone. What is Universal with the church we both belong to if the freedom to believe what we believe, without indoctrinating the other. I believe Jesus came to show us there is more beyond the limiting beliefs they understood back in his day. Jesus said the Kingdom of God is inside and outside us. I believe that. There is more to this and I AM expl
  24. You seem stuck on the morality of a god you do not like. I do not share the morality of a murderous god, that you think I do.
  25. Yes, and I respect this in your belief system. I have written many times, for people not to get caught up in semantics. I have taught that there are not hundreds of different worlds, one for each different faith. There is one world. There is one race of people, the human race. There is one origin of all of it, no matter what our belief system is. I understand what I do through my faith journey, you yours, and everyone else is enlightened (or not) by their spiritual, or life journey. I refer to this as the Diamond of God. Each of us has a different facet to shine in our corner of the world. Nam