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  1. I have never encountered any problems buying stuff at stores. I often shop at Family Christian and they have been more than accepting. I was told by their sales staff to sign up for the rewards card and I could save 20%. They said that if I informed them when I signed up that I was clergy they would note the account in the system to give me an even bigger discount.
  2. I was raised in a extremely religious home. I was educated at private christian schools too. I was speaking with my grandmother before her passing and she expressed to me how she was surprised no one in our family had pursued a career in Religion. She said it was pretty odd seeing as how our family was based in the mid west / south. She couldn't think of a single person she knew that didn't have a family member in the clergy. I began to look into it. I had completed some coursework in religion so I though maybe it was meant for me. My grandmother passed and I still held our conversation close to me. I though and prayed about it. I spoke with friends and other clergy members. They all told me the same thing, do what you are called to do. I made the choice to become ordained. I wasn't sure how my friends and family would react to it. I was surprised of the positive feedback I have received from them. I miss my grandmother so much, but I know that she had something to do with me making this choice. I like to think that she was bugging God so much that he gave her permission to give me my calling.
  3. Thanks for the information. I have never seen these at my local store. I have found some paperback bibles at a local discount store but I didn't care for the way they looked. I usually will pick up bibles from various thrift stores if they are in good condition and offer them to friends that ask.