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  1. Or, When our Conscious mind notices something, it is because our un (or sub) conscious mind finds it worthwhile. either way~it IS from within~technically ALL is one~so nothing really comes from without.
  2. Thank you for the feedback. I like the way you said what " you COULD call" what you feel. Inspiration is, to me, a spiritual sense. There are many such senses. Discernment, em-path and precognition to name just a few. As stated in my article, it took a few years of pulling back veils to kind of discover what this particular synchronicity meant to me. An interesting follow up to my original post: As of the day I wrote the article and posted it, I have NOT seen my ever so familiar "818", however the following two mornings the first numbers I saw (in this case on the clock) were 919. I laughed out loud both mornings and wondered if this was going to be my new 818. It wasn't but what has happened since is the inspiration and insight to write, actually co-author, a book that has been evidently waiting to manifest. In other words the floodgates have opened after nearly a year of staring at my keyboard blankly. I have felt reassured by similarly symmetrical number combos like "212" and "515", nudges or nods that I feel are telling me that I am on the right track. On the "Angels or demons" or "good or bad" angle on our experiences, I have come to understand that these perspectives are a wholly human or ego or fear oriented point of view, and that in the broader sense, all things just "are" and that its up to me respond in a way that serves the greater "good" or more appropriately "wellness", of myself and/or All. This is a truly fascinating journey!
  3. The shepherd never beats his sheep.

  4. Eight One Eight A hopeful vision or a vision of hope? By Tim Leahy (Awakener) For several years I have had an almost maddening daily reoccurring synchronistic experience. Where ever I am, where ever I go, I see the same pattern of numbers. I see it on signs and billboards, often twice a day on the clock, on license plates, timers, pizza boxes, receipts, price tags etc. The list goes on seemingly ad infinitum. I eventually started to ask for answers to what this may mean. First, I looked to numerology and found that many people also experience this phenomena. I learned that repeating number patterns like “11 11” or running series like “1234” are fairly common, and evidently hold meaning in numerology and in different cultures and belief systems. Single numbers also represent meaning in various contexts, but in these I found no answer or representation of the particular set of numbers I kept seeing. During further research I found an article that suggested that these kinds of re-occurrences may have no particular meaning, but rather are ways our guides, or angels, are giving us a “nod” that we are “paying attention” or “facing the right way” at this time. And so without a definitive deep meaning answer at this time, I let it go and enjoyed my daily “nods” and became friends with my synchronicity, smiling and laughing with each occurrence. * Before this quest to find meaning in my daily observation, it should be noted that I spent many years in the grips of an alcohol addiction. Because of the trance like nature of any addiction, the single self serving purpose of getting what you want when you want it ( a “fix”), the observation of any patterns or synchronicities were no doubt blurred or ignored altogether. In addiction (of ANY kind) ones senses are dulled not only to the outside world, but inwardly as well. Intellectually one may be aware that things are not quite right but being “asleep” or in a “trance” it is difficult to look at the world, or oneself, in an honest way. Hearing the truth or a message of truth of any kind may be impossible to recognize until one is ready to wake up. Unfortunately, it often takes consequences that are no longer bearable or direct Divine intervention to wake up. In other words, signs, messages, consequences or the effect one has on others may not be noticeable to someone who is so dulled in their physical and spiritual senses. It should be reiterated here as well that drug and alcohol addictions are NOT the only ones that have this effect on people. Not to downplay this fact, but it is a topic best suited for another author. I relate this to you to give you a feel for my own desire to wake up and to describe a few of the events that have led me on my path of awareness. I get the feeling that if you are reading this, you are on a path of “waking up” and on a journey of elevated consciousness. No matter where you are on this journey, let this serve as a reminder that you are not alone and that there IS more behind the next veil. * So some time passed after my initial internet searches and questioning people I know about number synchronicity and kind of letting it go and laughing with every observance. And then something extraordinary started happening. I started seeing these numbers during meditation. Swirling and twisting and rotating on the big screen of my mind. Had this become an obsession that permeated from subconscious to conscious to quantum field? Whatever the case, I wasn’t going to fight it. If nothing else, it offered me a different way to look at the symbolism of the characters. An eight on its side is the symbol for infinity and the eight one eight looked like infinity over infinity. Great. That explains everything. (Come to think of it, maybe it DOES explain everything!) Again, maybe this representation should be looked at and authored by someone with a few more wrinkles in their brain than mine! Increased frequency and viewpoint were now the order of the day but I didn’t feel any closer to an answer to what this means to me or to the world. The night I started writing this article I was going through emails on my phone. When I was caught up, I closed my email program and looked at the time. 8:18 PM. I laughed out loud, literally waved at my phone and said “Hi 818, nice to see ya”. In an instant, it occurred to me to try another search (it had been nearly two years since my first searches and six months since the last searches, the latter being an area code search, which turned up Los Angeles, in case you were wondering). This search idea had not occurred to me at all in the past. Looking at the clock on my phone, the numbers suddenly looked like bible coordinates. Not being bible savvy at all, I thought “why not”? I searched “bible” and picked what looked like a place to start. The search turned up fifteen entries. Who knew!? I read them all but here’s what stood out: Daniel 8:18 And in his speaking with me, I have been in a trance on my face, on the earth; and he cometh against me, and causeth me to stand on my station, The context of this entry (when reading what comes before and after) takes on a different (or is it?) meaning than my personal one, but still....... My own memory of being in a trance like state for so many years before finally standing up and begin stepping into my authentic state of being, with a supernatural tapping on the shoulder on a daily basis, gave me cause for pause. Before getting shifty on me, understand that I am not looking for a “christian” explanation to my visions. Not at all quite frankly – I believe the answers lie in a much higher order. But why not look where others have already written? When my everyday outlook and everyday conversations and everyday interaction with others is almost always with the intent of waking in me and waking in others, why wouldn’t I see that which concerns waking up? There are many among us that are feeling and seeing that the world is not operating to the best of its ability and interests when it comes to its human inhabitants. Who hasn’t felt that there must be more to life than trading it for money and fear? Waking up means seeing that the way we do things, the status quo, works for very few people and that at the end of the day, it doesn’t work for them either. Waking up means looking at our lives, all of our lives, and realizing that there’s better ways to treat ourselves, treat others and treat our planet. And so it looked like I was on to something here. The next entry seemed to resonate as well: Romans 8:18 18Why, what we now suffer I count as nothing in comparison with the glory which is soon to be manifested in us. Yes! To me this is a message of hope. The world isn’t quite right, right? And right now, a world that DOES work is beginning to manifest in all of us. And I do look at the world as it has been and is now, as a comparison tool: How would one know happiness without sorrow? Contentment without suffering? How would we know to work for a world that works for everyone without knowing a world that does not? Put that in your pipe and take it to the bank! I think the sentences following Romans 8:18 kinda fit in with what I'm feeling and saying at this time: 19For all creation, gazing eagerly as if with outstretched neck, is waiting and longing to see the manifestation of the sons of God. 20For the Creation fell into subjection to failure and unreality 21Yet there was always the hope that at last the Creation itself would also be set free from the thraldom of decay so as to enjoy the liberty that will attend the glory of the children of God. 22For we know that the whole of Creation is groaning together in the pains of childbirth until this hour Hallah-freakin-looyah! Have my questions surrounding eight one eight been answered? Maybe, maybe not. I suppose the point right now is that I feel I'm facing in the right direction. If the path is infinite paralleled by infinity, then maybe today I turned it on its side and took a different view. If my perspective today doesn’t serve me tomorrow then perhaps it will need to be viewed from a different angle. If whatever I'm doing most of the time isn’t changing my view to serve the world and those in it, then I'm back in a trance with my face to the ground. I know from my experience that breathing the air from head high is way sweeter than from foot high. I also know that my perspective would never have changed without viewing something, anything, from another persons point of view. My inner view would have nothing to change to if it had not been for seeing, and caring, about the broken bits inside another. In this regard, we can have gratitude for those that would treat themselves and others poorly for giving us a road map to be the change that we would like to see in this world and the people in it. Eight one eight has taught me to keep paying attention, maintain a sense of humor and to view things that don’t make sense, from different points of view.
  5. Happy New Year! Hope all is going well with you and yours! Blessings of Peace, Al

  6. Welcome to our family of friends. We're glad you could joins us! Regardless if you are well established in a traditional religious path or struggling to find something less mainstream, we're sure you'll find what you seek here. We are a “blended family” of all Beliefs, all Faiths and all manners of seeking Truth. We hope you'll share your views with us soon! Blessings of Peace, Al

  7. "Acceptance" is often confused with "approval". I have learned that I do not need (nor desire) to approve of that which does not resonate with me. In fact, other peoples views and beliefs do not require my approval or disapproval to validate or invalidate them. When I look at my own beliefs as a mallable, amendable and expanding set, and I do, then I can more easily accept the beliefs of others, even when they dont jive with mine, as a growing and viable path to thier own enlightenment. Even when a person or persons belief system is seemingly rigid or set in stone it is my responsibility only to accept them for where they are on thier journey. Insofar as the topic lead: From my point of view is has become increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to pigeon hole individuals into neatly labled religious, spiritual, political, philosophical or scientifical boxes. As overall global consciousness shifts and expands, the lines blur, and the boxes begin to overlap more and more as we begin (continue) to see each others similarities and accept our differences.