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  1. I don't think you'll have to worry about dog/cat poop, since the body would not be of flesh, but of a memory that brings back happy times in your life. The shape may be of your favorite dog/cat that brought you happyness, and since we too would be the embodyment of a spiritual being, we also don't have to worry about us pooping and peeing in heaven also..... Besides, I don't think God has enough rolls of "Charmin Bathroom Toilet Paper" to clean the trillions more souls coming in. - LOL
  2. Hi, I"m a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Division Section Chief. In times of a city wide disaster or a county wide one (Tornados, Earthquakes, etc., etc.) we would be activated to look for survivors. Sometimes we may come upon the dead and dying. So as our Division Chief, and now a Reverend with the ULC, can anyone tell me what type of prayers, I can say to the dead or seriously injured when called to use my skills as a minister? Rev. Cam
  3. Not that kind of voice, just feelings that somethings are worth sacrificing for.... NOW if I got one of those booming voices, burning bushes, I'd say I was in trouble. No those voices are just gut feelings that tell me that maybe its time....
  4. Hey Suzanne; its nice to hear I'm not the only RC in the group. I too am a renegade Catholic being born in the church to Filipino Parents. Anyway, I've felt that there are other voices calling me spiritually.
  5. Well its because the RCC doesn't like their members being ordained in a church, since the RCC doesn't recognize the ULC. But, according to some other folks like Dr. Amy, she told me that several Catholics have asked to be removed from the official rolls, because of the issue with the Church. Now, I take a different approach, To me its not important whether the RCC gets rid of me, but they can't take my faith away. Besides I"m not supposed to Cookie Cut the theology of the Church because I don't like certain parts, or say that I'm as faithful, but don't like the Pope's policy, because to t
  6. I once heard this in Catholic School, after a student asked one of the Nuns. She said "Dogs go to heaven"... Now before all of you decided to burn me in oil, because there isn't anything that officially says this in the Bible, especially the Protestants, and probably Baptists, I would say yes. Now we all know that all dogs and cats, to include plants?, all have some type of soul; but Its not the same type we're used to having such as a sould that can be cleanse of sin by prayer, and the power of the Confessional. Their souls can't appreciate the body and the blood of jesus, and the salvation
  7. I don't think I'm that worried about Excommunication, since this is a man-made law instituted by the Pope's to keep the faithful in line. Now I don't doubt that a Roman Catholic would face sacntions by their own Bishop, but if you can still go to mass, and don't take the Sacraments; which is even interesting because in our Church, when its time to take Communion, you can get a blesing from the priest, and still not take Communion. So the threat of Excommunication is really a ploy to get weaker willed Catholics to toe the line, which may work in a heavily attended Catholic Country... Rev. Cam
  8. Hi being a Roman Catholic, I had wondered whether I was gong to be excommunicated for being a minister in the ULC. After hearing both sides of the coin, one from a very conservative Catholic Magazine with all of their exports who told me that I was in grave mortal sin for becoming a ULC Minister. I even talked to Amy at ULC.NET, and she told me she didn't have too much information, so today I asked a good Priest friend of the family at a parade. What he told me is that "SO Long as I'm not representing the Catholic Church I should do fine. He didn't think me wearing a bright blue Clergy shir
  9. Would this be the same ceremony that I can use for a wedding set in the middle ages if called up to do one? Rev.Cam
  10. For ministers who only do weddings and don't have a church; what type of legal contract do I need between the parties getting married and the Minister/Officiant doing the wedding? I see a lot of contracts; but they' re mostly concerned with using their own church and property; but nothing that I've seen is where a minister w/o a church has a binding contract with the wedding party.
  11. Just what are the legal requirements for a "Handfasting Rite of Marriage"? Someone posted a Handfasting rite on the forum, and after searching the information within the ULC I found that this has been explained. Since we are a non-denominational church, and I'm from California; just how do I justify a Handfasting Rite in one of the 58 counties of California.
  12. What can you say, that you haven't said in 45 to 60 minutes? I find that a long service (old Catholic Services prior to Vat II) was hard. With today's younger members, all they want is what I would call sound bites. Sure its nice to bring "Fire & Brimstones" into the picture, and rant and rave about today's ills in the world, but take it from a parent who's had children.... Children tune you out after 30 minutes, and a two hour service is just punnishing everyone. So in a two hour service, are you there now to hear yourself talk, or to make an impact? Rev. Cam
  13. Okay, I'm over the Communion question, so this is a generic one that is hopefully easy to answer. When you hold your first interfaith service for the first time; is there a general guideline on what steps go into putting a service together, or what do each of you do to make our services turn out for the best? Rev Cam
  14. Hi, I was recently ordained on August 15, 2013, a nice day. I joined because I was looking for something to do, and have had this feeling about being in service to man. Now I've seen the ULC, and had seen the 1976 "60 Min" expose on the ULC, but on that day, I kind of happened to look at churches and found the ULC website. Well after reading through the material, and watching the video on Conan O'Brien being ordained as a minister, I figured why not. This may be something fun to do. So I joined, but before I actually sent my information I asked my wife, and she said sure; so I joined. How