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  1. Thank you very much, everyone. This discussion has been tremendously beneficial. Not only was it incredibly informative, but it has also helped me develop an idea of how I plan to tailor my own personal approach.
  2. I myself became ordained for a number of reasons; but most notably to officiate the joining of two of my closest friends. A best friend of many, many years and his lovely fiance, whom I have come to know almost as closely as a sister. They are the couple that introduced me to my own shining light, my wife, the love of my life. I have always considered myself a spiritual person, and even spent time working in two very different clergies in my younger years. Growing up, I was told by friends, loved ones and even those not familiar to me that I was blessed with wisdom and understanding well beyo
  3. That is a very touching gesture, Jay. If the ceremony has already passed, congratulations to the lucky couple! If not, I wish you, your mother and her partner the very best of luck.
  4. Notably late; but congratulations, Von. It is truly heartwarming to see so many people doing good in the world. Please know that your actions are and will always be appreciated.