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  1. Welcome to the forum! We hope you find everything you seek in your Spiritual Search and join in on the ULC community outreach. I've enjoyed your posts so far and look forward to hearing more from you. Blessings of Peace, Al

  2. There was one other reason I forgot to mention, its been a long day and I'm running on empty. I have always liked helping people and when my grandmother passed in 2003...She asked me to come to her bedside and told me to make something of my life and up until that point I had not. My main reason for doing this was because I like helping people, I am actually in the process of doing what I can to help a recovering herion addict, or at least do what I can, helping drug addicts is not my forte' in life if you knopw what I mean. So, I may not have had a vision from God telling me to do this but I feel like it will make my grandmother proud of me, when she herself did what she could to buy her way into Heaven, I never did see that as a way to get in but rather doing good deeds is.
  3. I became ordained for a few reasons.one of which was because I heard on Music Choice on cable TV that Robin Williams presided over Mary Chapin Carpenter's (80-90's country music singer) wedding in 2005, I think. And I thought if he can do that, so can I. The second reason was to supliment my income being on SSID makes it difficult to make ends meet.