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  1. Your work as an alternative marriage ceremony officiant, I hope, will become an important part of your community. Many, Many Blessings to you and your Good Works!

  2. Welcome to the forum, glad to have you here. We hope to hear more from join in the discussions and let us know what your Journey has shown you thus far! Blessings of Peace,

  3. I was originally ordained almost 20 years ago in Oregon, so I could perform the wedding of 2 close Wiccan friends. Now, I have been re-ordained with my new name to go along with my new life. Not so very long ago, I came out as a transgender woman. That was a frightening experience and a long ordeal to come to terms with. I realize that there are going to be people in Washington state that need a neutral minister to perform weddings and so further now that same sex marriage has become legal here. YAY! I am working toward the goal of setting up a wedding chapel for the GLBTQ community in Olympia