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  1. Unlike what is perceived to be much of the United States Congress and Americans, I stand behind President Obama, am proud of the man, and fully appreciate the work his administration has accomplished. I wish our society wasn't so crass and impolite to begin attacking him the moment he came into office, and then to incessantly spout their ignorance to a global forum. I feel sorry for the groups of people whom only want to perpetuate disinformation until it festers into polarity and hatred. Absolute pity; sadness for these souls that they cannot look beyond the soundbites they continually feed upon. This trend has only corroded the integrity of American society. Most recently the "Christian" church in Florida that is intent on holding a "Burn the Koran" event. Where does this fall within the spectrum of universal acceptance and "Harm no one"? Furthermore, what can >we< do to turn this tide of domestic hegemony "..in the name of [their] Christ", or another groups Christ, or Allah, or David, etc...? I see this totalitarian theocratic mentality as doing nothing except tearing apart the fabric of this country. Religious Freedom, so long as it's MY religion and not yours. I really am left with feeling that these fringe groups are well beyond comprehending reason. All I have is pity for them.
  2. My deepest sympathy to the Hensley family. Rade Radosevich Tiverton, RI