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  1. Have any ULC ministers performed Christian baptisms or communions? If so, how was it? :-)
  2. Welcome to the Forum. We're glad to see you and hope to hear more from you in the future. Blessings of Peace,

    1. Rev. Chris P

      Rev. Chris P

      Thank you for those kind words! I have been loving every second of being a part of the ULC. I am very interested on learning more, and I knew the forums would be the best place to start! Thanks again!

  3. Well hi there everyone! My name is Chris and I am a newly ordained minister. I love everything about the ULC. As no real religion applied to my beliefs, I came upon the ULC. I very much like the idea of just doing what is good because its the right thing to do, as well as freedom of believing in what you want to believe. That is why I chose to become a minister. I mistakenly (probably like many before me) humbled upon "the monastery". Until I did some more research, I found the real ULC and feel much better about this forum. I hope to soon perform marriages, baptisms, funerals, and et cetera.