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  1. We've missed you since your last post! I hope you'll find more topics to be of interest and share some more. Blessings of Peace, "Al"

  2. Been with ULC since 2000. What a great community and forum - I wish I'd have paid better attention and found it years ago. Anywayz... I recently read this one... ok, I admit - I also wrote it. It's called iSUCCESS - it's more about how we can help ourselves recognize when we've accomplished something in everything we do - and how that can be practiced over time. I'm not sure where it fairs with the rest of these titles - but I sure would be appreciative if a few folks could give it a review both here and at Amazon. It's funny actually... I've been ordained for more than 10 years - and it never occurred to me once - to look for a forum here on the site. What a great forum it is too!