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  1. Stormfront is exactly the site I was talking about. The trick with that site is to figure out who the raging rednecks are and who the sane people who are just being over shadowed are. For example. I read a thread one day, it was one of the first i'd ever read, and because of the tone set by the raging rednecks the whole thread had that certain feel to it. After the poster who attracted me to the thread defended it a little, i read their post seperately and realize i'd completely misunderstood the post because of the ** that was being screamed around it.
  2. Noble cause, if you're trusting enough to do it. I wouldn't be afraid to give out my blood sample. I'd be more wary of letting anything that came of it come back to me. I'm very distrusting of that entire industry.
  3. It's probably a bit off, but that's where i was going. That and the different polutants and meds like acutane i had to take as a kid.
  4. PIck and choose. Mix and match. Is knowing and not doing better or worse than doing and not knowing? Generally it's better to have at least done something. Of course there could be details to twist this. Is it worse to notice the need and ignore it or provide the necessary assistance - but only if you someone ASKS you first If you need something and you're too stubborn to to be you. I tend to be clueless until someone says that's my take. When faced with a need knowing you have ability to render assistance would you tend towards careful consideration of what will happen to you first before you act or does that response fall far short of the example of the Good Samaritan who acted without hesitation believing if I don't/ who will? This depends on my moods and who's involved. Sometimes I'm all for helping anyone. I don't believe in karma and universal connections or anything like that, but I find that being generally generous and helpful tends to come back positively. Is it more harmful to hit another with your fist or with your tongue? How many times am I allowed to hit you? A tongue lashing can ruin a mood, a broken rib or jaw can ruin a week. Are you someone with a weak skeleton or a "passionate" ego? What is the difference between a miracle, Karma and good luck that remarkably beat the odds? The difference is in who's paying attention. The law of big numbers says that if it can happen it will eventually. .0000000000000000000000000001 chance of something happening is going to happen given enough time. Our world is full of the numbers game and it is being played VERY quickly. Is it more desirable to have unquestioning faith, blind tolerance , or unconditional kindness? ** all three. They're all signs of someone who's not paying enough attention. And yes, I did mention that I tend to be clueless until someone mentions a problem.
  5. at this point i don't trust modern medicine with much more than i absolutely have to. That being the case... i dont see myself trusting them to play with my genetics anymore than they indirectly already have.
  6. You can do this at stores like... Giant, Hannaford, Tops, Wegmans, and Food Lions too.
  7. I wasn't trying to call hyper a child. I was challenging him to try... You'll never see me bash someone for failing to communicate. When it comes to emotions I used to be quite content not caring where I left the key. I was trying to get him to try. It just seems to me like Hyper enjoys poking at people and then running when they turn to face him. Which I find disappointing, as he clearly has strong opinions. Good point though, what was the actual point of this thread?
  8. In my head I was speaking directly to Hyper the whole time, i think i meant to quote him in the post. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. Steven is more of a white nationalist than a "racist". I put it in quotes because that term, left unchecked will put an image of a burning cross in most people's eyes. What's funny is when i've been on a white nationalist board it seemed like a bunch of rednecks screaming about how terrible the other races are. But here.... we have a white nationalist who's been respectful, non confrontational, and funny enough treated like a redneck carrying a noose. You're blasting this guy here, based on something he said in another thread. Your personal prejudice, and intolerance against what you percieved as HIS (you don't fully understand...) lead you to carry over from another thread, and not give him a fair chance. By the way. You've been asked specific questions in two different threads in the 3-4 i actually follow. You've been asked by multiple people. You continue to post. You continue making new threads. I appreciate that you seem to be the life of this board. BUT YOU AVOID being challenged. You are so passionate about what you believe and feel. Explain them. That's kind of the point. Tell us exactly what you think and actually engage in the conversation. Most children can tell or show you their immediate feelings or thoughts. It takes an adult to really explain, defend, and consider them.
  10. He hasn't blamed lack of purity to be the cause of the defects/diseases.
  11. Welcome to the Forum. We're glad to see you and hope to hear more from you in the future. Blessings of Peace,