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  1. You should name your church or group to reflect it's belief system laid down in it's by-laws or Statement of Faith.
  2. Ha, ha... you are correct Scott. So to direct it back on track... The Bible tells the people at that time to stone witches, sorcerers [and many more].... We do not do that in today's day and age because we put people in jail for breaking those types of laws. But we do "stone" {electric chair, lethal injection...} murderers. Sometimes justice is swift [here on earth], and sometimes they are never caught [here on earth] and seemingly get away with those things. But God states in the Bible--- "It is appointed unto man once to die, and then the Judgment". So many may get away with witchcraft and things of that evil nature their whole lives but once they die God will judge them. Only Jesus Christ can wash away those sins and make you "as if you'd never sinned" in God's eyes.
  3. That is incorrect... but only because you seem to be giving [some] credit for Biblical writ to [fallible] man. God is the Author of the whole Bible. Man has no authorship in the Bible at all. If he did then it would not be infallible, but fallible [because man is fallible]. In it's autograph form it is infallible.
  4. So? Because people abused the Bible does that make it untrue? Since there is no authority higher than God who would He appeal to? God can only swear by Himself.
  5. Steven King authored books but the printer prints them. Man copies them. God Authored the Bible because He said He did. If you want to believe that He did not then that is your choice. Awesome, you've just propped up HItler's proclamation that murder was legal. Also slavery is okay in your worldview. Try passing that off on the South Side of Chicago. And pedophilia is also okay in your book because that society says it is okay. Do you see how ludicrous and inconsistent your position is? Man cannot form a basis for morality because he is sinful. Only God's Moral Standard is unchanging and applies to all equally.
  6. Drive as far as we can and then fly in from there. But I haven't been there is a few years. My uncle Lee has a cabin up there and the Frenchmen come down here to Michigan every year to hunt deer on our farms.
  7. The only time that I troll... is when I am in Canada fishing for Pike and Walleye.
  8. And how is truth established? What is an unchanging foundation for truth? It can't be man because man lies.
  9. Since there is no one Higher than God who would He appeal to? He can only appeal to or swear by Himself.
  10. There is no "debating" on God's existence. The Bible says in Romans chapter 1 that EVERYBODY knows He exists because of His creation. It matters not that man has corrupted His creation because of Adam's disobedience. None of these things change that God is... and that He created everything. All this because He says so. That means You can yell at me or prove me wrong in certain areas but just because you beat me at a debate or I am proven ignorant or an idiot... does not mean God does not exist and that He loves you.
  11. God is the Author of the Bible... because God says so. You can choose to believe Him.... or not. Yours or anyone's unbelief does not change God.
  12. It's not God's fault when somebody asks to be healed and they aren't [and they have to resort to medicine.There is nothing wrong with medicine]. I myself am a prime example. I believe in healing... yet I am not healed: I still have IBS and Celiac Disease. What am I doing wrong? Well... it's partly a lack of faith, and some unbelief. Whatever the cause is for someone not being healed... it's not God's fault. If someone asks God for physical healing in their body and He DIDN'T heal them.... He would be lying when He said "Ask, and you shall recieve." And God is not a man that He should lie. So you first have to realize that the fault for your not being healed, everytime, all the time, is not God's fault. The fault always lies with fallible humans. If you ever read any the the Gospels--Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John in the New Testament of the Bible, you will find that when Jesus healed people, He always healed them all. And when He couldn't [heal them] it was because of their unbelief. They thought He was just a man... Mary and Joseph's son. They couldn't recognize or believe His deity and therefore His power to physically heal ANY disease or sickness. A prime example is the one of the woman with the issue of blood. MANY people were touching Jesus but only the woman with the issue of blood touched Jesus in faith... and she received her healing.
  13. If you can't heal your own cold/flu then you are "lord" of nothing. I am just pointing out the obvious [inconsistencies] in your statements.
  14. You are essentially saying evil does not exist because "I, Brother Kaman, say evil does not exist". Therefore you cannot be judged for your evil acts because by your definition evil does not exist. Newsflash! We must all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. Not because I, a sinful man who could be lying to you, say so, but because God, who is not a man that He should lie, says so. So according to you child molestation is not evil. Gotcha'. I think you better rethink your foundation for judging all things. Because the one you are using ain't gettin' it. It's hypocritical in the highest order. I can help you out with that... by pointing you to The One who has an unchanging Moral Standard. That would be Jesus Christ. But not because I say so... but because He says so.
  15. That is a very interesting subject.... discussing Hitler's mental state and whether he would qualify for entrance into a mental facility. I was once in a "Christian Hospital". Which is just a smoke-and-mirrors way of saying a really nice mental hospital. I don't remember ever seeing a single crazy person the whole seven months I was there. Also, when I worked in a Level I Trauma center Emergency Room I took/escorted many patients to "The First Floor"/the mental ward: even some people I knew. None of them acted crazy either.
  16. Spiritual aspects of witchcraft can only be dealt with by exercising the Word of God in Authority over it. Physically trying to fight witchcraft if fruitless [as your accuser so ignorantly and probably stupidly did]. Someone practicing witchcraftery can easily overpower someone who does not have the spirit of God living inside them. I have seen with my own eyes the crossover of the spiritual and physical that produces unheard of strength. The Bible even has a story about a guy who was living in the tombs and no man could bind him. He would break the chains [fetters] because he was possessed by a legion of demons. But he also cut himself... as did one of my buddies when he was into satanism. Temporary power does not equal victory in the end. Everybody has to die and stand in front of the Judgment Seat of Christ.
  17. Then by your "reasoning" Hitler was justified because he did not consider it evil to murder Jews. He even made it legal. Therefore if my religion is as Hitler's was I would be within my religious rights to murder any Jewish people on this forum... and you would have to accept that it was not evil for me to do so. Do you see a point I am trying to make? Without an unchanging Moral Standard [from God] man will always do what is right in his own eyes. And that will be different throughout the world.... millions of different definitions of what is evil and what is good. God takes all the worry out of doing that by doing it for us... laying a sure foundation for what is good and what is evil.
  18. Yes, we are to "judge" people who practice witchcraft by telling them it is wrong; it is sin. What we cannot do however is judge their hearts. That is between them and God. I have had to point out this distinction many, many times because people take the "Judge not lest ye be judged" passage way out of context. Second question: No, because when someone obeys God and does what He tells them it is within God's bounds. Witchcraft is a perversion of those bounds, a perversion of His right way. Spiritual contact, as long as it is done how God prescribes in the Bible, is perfectly fine. Example: Using the Name of Jesus to cast a devil out of somebody. The flipside: Trying to contact a dead relative through a seance or some sort of thing like that. God says don't do that: Especially if you are not born again through faith in Jesus Christ. You open yourself up to severe demonic oppresion and possession. Not obeying God gives the Devil and his demonic cohorts the legal right to do certain things to you. You see, God is just as just with the Devil as He is with you. Those who practice witchcraft and other related "groups" are on VERY dangerous ground. I have been there... at the point of death. I know what I am talking about. If I had died in that situation I would have gone to hell. I thank God that He had allowed grace to come my way and keep me from being killed. I eventually repented and gave my life to Jesus Christ. But I could have just as easily rejected the pull of the Holy Spirit and continued on the same dark path. The two that tried to kill me are in prison for the rest of their lives. And they were both my close friends.
  19. Nevertheless... witchcraft is sin according to the Bible. Punishment in the here and now is determined by each culture's system of judgment; which can be wide-ranging. There is also a judgment after we physically die. Unless repentance and faith in Jesus Christ are realized then the consequences for witchcraft, for any sin for that matter, will be eternal [because Judgment is set against those who do not call on the Name of Jesus].
  20. I see. So your "system" of morality is partial. That would be like someone raping and murdering someone's daughter and the judge saying "It's only a sin for some people"....