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  1. Obviously, however, that was not the question. I know some states authorize ministers to provide marital counseling, pre-marriage counseling and other forms of counseling providing it does not become clinical counseling. In other words, they can provide spiritual counseling without the need of further licensing. My question is simple to organize a domestic abuse "Support" group, not actually be a counselor. Just a place where people come together as a group and can talk.
  2. Wisconsin. I tried searching for the laws and qualifications, however, I only got E-How listings of how to be a minister or how to be a license counselor (thru colleges, aka advertising).
  3. My question is this. Can, as an ordained minister, providing it does not go into a clinical area of counseling, preforming domestic abuse counseling, AA, NA or other style of support groups?
  4. Welcome to the Forum. We're glad to see you and hope to hear more from you in the future. Blessings of Peace,

  5. I was watching a movie one day and the guy (a vampire hunter) was like, I bless my own water, I was ordained thru the internet. I was intrigued and curious if it was real. I was actually looking for online seminary classes, but came across ULC. My reason for Ordainiment is to provide legally and legitimate religous services without the question of credentialling. ULC offers me the credential and I can still sevrve God/Christ fully.
  6. I am working to start a non-denominational ministry program focused on outdoor adventures. I have a love for Christ and fishing, camping, hunting, etc... I figure, I can combine both loves for a great faith.