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  1. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and yours during this time. This is not medical advice by any means, but if I had a family member in this situation, I'd hope someone would mention these two words to me, as for something to look into and consider: Gerson Therapy imho there is wisdom in nature...but of course one should always consult with and work with their docs... and at the end of the day make the right decision for them in their lives. May you have peace during this time. Sending healing love and thoughts to your sister in law tonight. Ephphatha
  2. My deepest condolences to you and yours RabbiO. May G-ds peace be with you during this time of grief.
  3. Will keep her in thoughts and prayers for a fast and full recovery. Ephphatha
  4. God has a plan. I try not to live in the past or future as those can be potential reasons to stress...I try to live right here, or as Ram Dass said "be here now"...there's a reason it's called the present.
  5. I'm very sorry for your and your family's loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers this evening.