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  1. You might want to research the Pe**ta - The Aramaic Bible by Dr. George Lamsa He spent 33 years translating a 464 AD copy of the Aramaic Peshiita directly into English after finding 12,000 mistranslations in the KJV.
  2. It is not too difficult or expensive to file an action in small claims court. Find out if your local small claims court will accept a "Judicial Determination" (JD) filing. This means you sue the county barring you from performing marriages and seek a "Judicial Determination" on whether they have standing to keep you, a Universal Life Church minister, from marrying others. Let the judge decide if the county's rule or "law" violates your consitutional rights. That order may then be filed with the country recorder and presented to the agency barring you. If your local small claims court does NOT allow JD filings, sue the county for loss of income/revenue up to the maximum they allow in small claims court. Your cause of action is simple: They are discriminating against you using selective enforcement; only ULC ministers are not allow to marry others (and maybe sea captains?). What does the law say? Can you prove you have been damaged? What is the amount of your damages? Show them the law and how it "their" actions violate it, how it damages you; you are not allowed to marry others and make a living, and finally, the amount of money you have lost as a consequence of their actions. NOTICE: I am NOT an attorney. I have studied the law as a hobby. (see jurisdictionary.com) The above suggestions are merely my opinion as to a possible remedy to your question. You have a right to go to court as a Pro Se (without an attorney) and present your case and cause. If you feel you cannot, you should seek an attorney that understands your position, concern and loss. Good luck.....