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  1. it's good to be remembered, murph :-) thanks!

  2. It's like going back home, brother Thank you!
  3. hey I haven't see you for a while you haven't change a bit still the same tricks and treats like then at Cana I mean water into wine what a hoot man anyway how do they call you these days? are you popular yet? or is it still the same song like then? I mean hey you can walk on water but have you ever had to run on welfare checks? got any miracle up in your sleeve? we need some here, man
  4. I was happy to be at Roger Waters' concert here in Prague and it almost shoot me right through the ceiling - the pure energy of the no-nonsense music was enough. Everything else was pretty much spartan - I mean, no laser-show, no fireworks... For my money, I've got what I wanted: the man with his band, producing a solid piece of music big enough to choke an elephant. Personally, it was way better than any show by PF. I don't need to see the fireworks-lighted sky to taste the wonder of their music.