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  1. Why was I ordained ?? I grew up in a very strict Souther Baptist household and was forced to attend each meeting(4x/week)I didn't know what I believed, but was told to just follow what I was told.Well,as soon as I turned 18, I left home and set out to find out what I believed. After bouncing around to different churches and religions, I found wicca.About this time the internet came into a form I could operate(point and click/now called windows) I started studying by myself for quite some time. After a couple of years I found a priestess that was willing to train me. I became a priestess in my own right in 1986. I now have students of my own and felt the need to make a legal change to allow me to do ceremony from baptism to funeral. Thus the need to be ordained. As you can tell from my date that I am sqeeky new, but have been on this path for a very long time, and sometimes feel very old. I too feel that a person's spirituality is a very personal and unique thing and should not be forced or dictated. Both of our local medical centers are catholic, so when a person of wicca is admitted, you are classified as "other" and is not put on any visitation list. These are the ones I wish to visit and minister to.With my ordination,I can have access to the chaplains office and recieve that list of "others". Rev. Colleen B. Mills Mulvane,Kansas Priestess Siver Circle Clan
  2. After wading through all of the clerical clothing websites and having heart palpatations at the prices,I have decided to get to work doing some sewing for myself. I even hate the stoles that I have seen. Since I am also wiccan, I plan to make my own stoles with symbology that means something to me rather than the usual christian themes. I have been taking notes and think that I can get by with a few stoles over a royal blue robe for ceremony,and a plain black suit with a blue clerical blouse for places where I want to be more professional. Here is what I have come up with so far. Rainbow stole for same sex comittments White stole with silver celtic knotwork circles for weddings Green stole with gold thread tree of life Black for funeral with silver celtic crosses I plan to put the triple goddess symbol on the back at my neckline What do you think ?? Rev. Colleen Mills Kansas
  3. After a career in healthcare, I too would love to work in a hospital, but as a wiccan that is not only not possible, it is ill advised. This is the reason for being ordained.Nope,I am the newest ordained-as of today. Rev Colleen Mills Mulvane, Kansas