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  1. Happy birthday RevMailet! May all your wishes come true.

  2. Be who you are and say what you feel for those that matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter. ~Dr Seuss

  3. I actually watched this on PBS. It was very good. It is sad though how the gnostic side of Christianity has been denied and purged as well as some of the books of the bible.
  4. unfortunately predators exist in all the worlds religions, socio economic situations etc. Some of it is upbringing, some of it is that they were abused themselves. It would be nice if it were a gene that could be turned off... unfortunately you cant and people like me have to try to survive their predation, but if it hadn't happened to me then I might not be who I am today... Sad to say that some of the best and worst among us are probably victims/survivors
  5. That sounds like quite a few Wiccans and Pagans I know... With our lunar holidays... I hope all Muslims have a the Best Ramadan possible.
  6. I've been known to play a little bit, on occasion ;)

  7. I love your avatar... Do you play WOW

  8. Ordination for me was a culmination of a heart's desire. I have always been a religious seeker trying to get closer to the Divine. I had wanted to be a nun when I was little and then I found Wicca and it was like everything clicked in place. I teach and counsel my students and I am planning to start a church if the Divine decides it is time for me to.