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  1. Uh... I'm not stating my point of view, so I have no answer to your question. I'm simply offering my interperetation of the passage in question.
  2. It seems to me that this chapter lists one-liner life lessons. Or 2-liner if you prefer. Taking this into account, and of course, taking into account the fact that this IS the bible, I think the interpretation would be something like this: A man may come to ruin though he has many friends, because none may be truly counted on. But there is 1 friend who can always be counted on and that friend is God.
  3. Actually, no. Well, my friend Rick may well have been, but his wife was wiccan I believe. Their ceremony was somewhat spiritual, but not religious at all.
  4. I dont remember the day I was ordained. I was quite a bit younger than I am now, and did it because I thought it kinda funny that an atheist could be a minister. Over time, however, I've come to learn that religion has quite a bit to offer, whether or not you subscribe to a god or gods. As an atheist, I have a hard time justifying preaching, but I try to live by example. I'm not the best example, by any means, but I try to be a good one. I've only performed one wedding, but I'd like to do more. Options for weddings seem so limited and I'd like to offer some alternative options. The weddi