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  1. Getting back a bit... if anyone is worried about the level of their chi- I recommend at the least getting the 3,000+ gauss magnets from Roaring Lion Publishing. Even if your only doing standing meditation on them, your chi will skyrocket.
  2. I think the pie graph is a bit misleading. Also, taken together, the numbers don't quite add up. They say clearly that Christians are 58% of the population. Athiests and agnostics are 33%. The other 9% is "other or unassigned". The graph shows Christians as 58%... but then it show the nonchurched as the 33%. Nonchurched is fairly specific in the article, and is not athiest or agnostic. And I have to think that Sikhs, Buddhists, Mormons, Scientologists, Wiccan, Muslims, and anything else make up more than 9%. Four of those are in the fastest 5 growing beliefs.
  3. I think it is more a matter of socially encouraged perceptions. The religious right has been fading away for a long time. In the US, as worldwide, polls taken over the last 30 years have shown a steady decline in people identifying with, and actively participating with, any ecumenical organization. Despite that, during the administrations of Democrat presidents (Clinton, Obama) new "grass roots" groups are started (both secular and faith based, but the faith based ones are often proven to be funded in part or wholly by oil, tobacco, timber, etc.) and given large amounts of national press time. Non-christian faiths are rarely given any airtime, and what they do receive is usually slanted more towards the "should we allow" perspective. Said groups are not formed, or at least televised, during Republican administrations (Bush 1 & 2, Reagan). For that matter, you really only hear about the statistics on faith around election time, often in conjunction with not-so-subtle discussions on why we should approve faith initiatives.
  4. There are a couple different afflictions that pop up. Most of them are prion diseases- like Mad Cow Disease, which developed from feeding cows leftover cow parts. Laughing Disease is one of the reasons human is now used less often in "bush meat".
  5. I am not a pacifist. I teach self-defense, and have an amazing range of weaponry around my house (mostly hand-to-hand, but a few thrown, some bows, and blackpowder). However, I am not a violent person. There is a mention of being pacifist, but defending the country. This standpoint at times confuses me, as our country is constantly starting wars- look through the de-classified CIA files. So many people fled the US during the Vietnam conflict since it was in illegal war on our part, and even consciounses objectors were drafted, and told to serve the war effort, albeit by cooking, medic, etc. They still had to partake, even in a non-violent fashion, in that war. Whatever we may like to think of him, bin Laden was a regional patriot, and from their perspective he was fighting the good fight. He simply wanted the Middle East left alone- the USSR out of Afghanistan, the US out of Kuwait, the US out of Iraq, the US out of Afghanistan
  6. As for belief, we must also look at practice. You regularly partake in a ritualized form of cannabilism. I come from a family that regularly consumes (nonhuman) raw flesh. Others believe the eating of any animal parts or biproducts is a minor evil. Who are we to judge, and thus not stand behind, those who feel an obligation to honor their relatives in the way they were brought up to do?
  7. There are still a few faiths that do ptactice cannabilism, most notably the Aghoras in India. In countries where it is (at times) practiced, it is neither discussed nor legally dealt with. In countries where it is not (like the US) it is rarely dealt with as a religious subject. Cannabilism itself is not a crime by US Federal Statute, nor is it covered by most state law. In the very few actual legal cases I now of, the supplicants have been charged with related offenses, illegal disposal of human remains, etc., but not cannabilism itself. No religious exemptions have EVER been granted to my knowledge in this country.
  8. qApologies if this does not post properly, first time trying with this tablet. Older children can be rebellious, so maybe not prayer (even Wiccan) for prayer time. But non-faith affirmation mantras may suffice. I recommend these to adults, but should work for adolescents. "I am happy, and healthy, and wealthy. (Explain non-material wealth, if necessary.) *signifier phrase* I feel joy, well-ness, and bounty." Or for times of stress (like before a test) "I am calm, and serene, and balanced. *signifier* I am centered and able, in body and mind."