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  1. My prayers are with you. I'm sorry your going through this. Put the white light of the Holy Spirit around you,always, I don't know if you believe in self healing, but while there looking for the cause I will tell you what I did when I was diagnosed with cancer. I took up meditating on my body and talked to my cells to heal themselves I got mad at the disease and said I will not let this get the better of me and go away! I don't want you! emagin it leaving your body and going away..but most of all prayers, I believe in them... It cant hurt to try it... God bless you, Rev. Julie
  2. I agree, it's so hard to attend a church that makes you feel not good enough, been to many of those and never fit in, followed my heart to the one place that lets you be you. The ULC Thanks for you post.. I have a daughter in your area hope she finds your church.
  3. Thanks for shareing your story, I too am a military spouse, though retired military now. I do understand where your comeing from, great story!
  4. Thats funny! I liked the hot tang and booze mixture years ago, but now I ride it out and will it away.
  5. You all will be in our prayers, God be with you always. Rev. Julie
  6. sure what would you like to know? I could a few books on my life.
  7. I became Ordained by the ULC because this was the church I knew very well in my younger age. 22 years ago my husband and I were married by a good friend and Reverend of the ULC. I have wondered to other churches of different religions and never felt I belonged their. My belief system was a bit different. I found my comfort here. Because no matter what faith you are, We Are One! I became Ordained to help others. Thanks for being hear, Rev. Julie
  8. Well I'm probably one of the newest Ordained, But my intention for being Ordained is to work with the Chaplains office in Hospitals. My life has been leading me to helping others mostly people who are struggeling with health issue's. I'will also be taking other courses to help accomplish what I need. I would also like to do weddings,funerals, baptismals whatever is asked. Life is crazy, but know one should ever be alone...