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  1. My wife and I do not have 'pets.' We each have a Mexican Hairless/Chihuahua mix Hearing Assist Dog. I am much more hard of hearing than my wife, having only about 25% of hearing in the left ear. A cold destroyed the nerves in the right ear when I was a baby, and as a police officer/security officer, I wanted my training to be as realistic as possible (dumb move, I admit) so thousands of rounds of heavy gunfire took their toll with no protection. We both always count her Bearbear and my Munchkin as part of our family. Bear recently had to have his right front leg amputated as the result of him jumping out of our truck the day before Thanksgiving and breaking his leg in four places. The vet wanted to do a skin graft, which would have meant four or five more operations, but his foot was not doing anything, just hanging there. We decided the pain and suffering had to stop. He has adjusted very well and gets around like he had had three legs all his life. Rev. Allen
  2. I am 62 years of age, and intend to be around on New Year's Day, 2013, just so I can give the horse laugh to those who believe this obvious misunderstanding. The Mayans were an extremely primitive civilization,and the did wonderful carvings. One of these carving si the so-called Mayan Calender that supposedly ends on December 20, 2012, or some such date. A little research reveals that teh Mayan calender, like our own, is cyclic. There are those who believe instead of the world ending on the alleged date, it will just roll over into the next cycle, just as our calender rolls over fro December to January. I think our little ball of dirt will go one for many long years beyond the Mayan's so-called prediction. BB Rev. Allen
  3. I am sorry, but the flu shot does not give you permanent immunity from the flu. As a person with chronic medical conditions (COPD ans diabetes) I take the flu shot, as recommended, every year. If you care to do a little research, look up the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918. An effective flu vaccine such as we have today would ahve prevented a ot of those deaths. You can have your own beliefs, everyone is entitled to them. BTW, they changed the formula of NyQuil and reduced the alcohol content from 25% to 10%. It no longer does anything at all for me. bless you and keep you, Rev. Allen
  4. The state of Washington's law is similar to Indiana in that you do not need to register either with the state or the county. You may wish, if you are intendiing to minister in Washington,contact the County Auditor in your county, as that is the official you will deal with. Just as with Indiana, just use the format: Rev. Joe Blow, D.D. there is no reference to your religious tradition. Best wishes.