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  1. Currently going over the June issues of my magazines (and am enjoying some of the stories and poetry, immensely) before releasing it on June 1. Then I'll be reading submissions again for the October issue. I'm always amazed at some of the things my contributors come up with! I have stared a section called "A Little Bit of Evil" for stories under 500 words and wasn't sure I'd get any stories...but have and wow... So that's what I'm currently reading.
  2. June 2. June 1st is my next issue and then once it has hit the market, I'll be open for more submissions for the October (and most popular issue of each year) Halloween issue. For the October issue, I have been fortunate enough to secure an interview with a rather well-known Horror and Sci-Fi star (and no, I'm not saying who it is until closer to June) and a review of one of his most recent movies. The name of my magazines are Twisted Dreams Magazine and Worlds Within Worlds Beyond Magazine. Twisted Dreams is for all things dark, paranormal, Occult, Supernatural, Horror and Gothic related. For the Halloween issue, I like to focus more on the Occult and Paranormal and would love to hear from those members of the ULC who are witches, paranormal investigators, etc. True stories of paranormal events and particularly, editorials on "fringe" religions are long as they are well-written and professional. I also accept movie and book reviews of Independently made/written movies and books. If you know a musician involved in Pagan or New Age Music, I welcome music reviews too - once again, as long as it's Indie. If you yourself are a musician or movie-maker, I welcome your movies and music to review. Write Horror or take cemetery photography? Then you just might very well find a home for your works in my magazine. Also...for the October issue ONLY...I'll be accepting ads from my fellow ULC family for the sponsor section of my NO COST (don't mean to yell, just want it clear that no, that's not a typo!) to you! Just my way of saying "Thanks for making me feel welcome" and to show my support. If a Mod happens to be reading this and would like to submit an ad for the ULC, that's great too! No cost! You can't beat free. For those of you that write fringe, Horror, dark, New Age, Pagan, etc poetry, WWWB is for you. I accept all styles but can accept no less than 3 poems per author. I have a wonderful friend who submits her fabulous cemetery photography for gallery art for each contributor and so it looks weird to have one poem with gallery artwork. For more info, please see the official Twisted Dreams and WWWB website at: Twisted Dreams & WWWB Magazines
  3. I'd be interested to know if anyone here has read anything of mine (Kindle or Print) and what they think. I'm always interested in hearing what others think of my works.
  4. THANK YOU Tsukino Rei! This is the reason I no longer follow traditional Christianity - the willful ignorance of people such as this person. You said it perfectly so I have nothing to add, just wanted to say "thank you."
  5. My calling has always been to educate. I loathe any type of bible-banging, Hellfire, brimstone and damnation teachings (grew up with that and to this day carry the emotional scars of being "scared" into the worship of God) but wanted to serve Him. Having undergone a number of spiritual crisis myself in my life I feel I am uniquely qualified to help others who are suffering. I am a serious everything I do in life, from the way I became an author, to how my books are published, to how I dress, to you name it and tried college about 20 years ago to pursue "higher education." I found out really quick than those who disagree with a professor can find themselves failed and out tuition money and that was going to be me. So I cut the line, left college and never went back. But this presented a quandary for me when it came time to really pursue my desire to minister to my own way. I am a practitioner of Hoodoo and a Wise Woman and follow my own path to God - and I encourage people to do the same. My words are not sugarcoated and syrupy...they are oftentimes caustic and hard...and what people need to hear to wake them up. Can you imagine someone like me in a theological college with that type of attitude? I'd be in the professor's face and banned from college for life probably, the first time they tried to put their own spin on God's I have heard they do. My step-son is in theological college and he rues some of the teachings, but has to swallow his pride or fail. I can't see blowing that kind of tuition money so the ULC was an answer to prayer. At first I wasn't sure if things with such a church could be legal, but I have recently made a friend whose mother is an ordained minister with the ULC and has been marrying people for seven years. I checked FL law and it seems that I am in the clear! As I said earlier in a post to someone, those of us who refuse to conform should not be punished because we choose to think for ourselves in helping to spread God's word...rather than scare people into believing or turn people away from Christ because of stupidity - like so many do. I have ordered business cards and a sign to place in my yard and am looking forward to doing weddings and such once I have earned my master's degree, which I have just ordered the textbook for and hope I pass the test! I'm glad to be here. Thanks for learning a little about me!
  6. You sound like me. I am a practitioner of Hoodoo and a Wise Woman, but my calling is to educate people before they can become conformists and sheeple, and so being as I am a serious non-conformist, I would not have lasted a month in a theological college. So the ULC was truly a godsend. Those of us who refuse to conform should not be punished because we choose to think for ourselves in helping to spread God's word...rather than beat people with it.