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  1. This is awesome! Thanks for posting! Namaste
  2. That's exactly right! All religions have mystics whose sole goal is to be close to and/or experience the DIVINE. I was first introduced to this sort of mysticism through contemplative prayer in the Carmelite order, a highly mystical and highly regarded order of the Catholic Church.
  3. I am very happy to be newly ordained. I have always been very spiritual, and for the past couple of years, I have felt especially called to serve in pet ministry. Becoming ordained in this church is the first step. When one of my dog's died ten years ago, I was devastated. He had been a loyal companion who had taught me alot and was my constant companion. When he died, there was nothing to do to memorialize the occasion. I felt empty. I would like to make this extremely difficult experience easier and more satisfying for others by providing some closure as well as counseling. The death of a pe