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  1. My prayers go out on behalf of Jazzy. May she recover her health.
  2. May God and Goddess hold and heal this child and protect the family. Amen
  3. On my 50th birthday my brother who is 12 years older sent a card that said "Now that you are a junior senior citizen" I called him up and told him since he was a senior senior I forget he had the wrong date on the card. He said my twin nieces whose birthday is the day after mine already got on him about it. But seriously age is only relevant if you let it be.
  4. My Daughter-in-Law Joyce has started her labor today. Please keep her and baby in prayers. Son and Daughter-in-law live in Germany and my wife is hoping this grand-daughter is born on Samhein (sow-in), which is also thier wedding anniversary. Due to time difference between here and there highly likly her wish will come true.
  5. Your friend has done well to care for her moher though her illness. So often I see the sick and elderly placed in nursing homes and forgotten. My prayers go out to her and her family. May the Lord bless and keep them.
  6. Rev Elkins I received my credentials today from HQ, and am very pleased. Your story has touched me deeply thank you. I have always felt a pull to native american believes and while I have been told I have some Cherokee Ansestry I have never been able to find the link. Although my mothers family tree dead ends in the Carolinas. May all your steeps be blessed and your trail long lived. WolfShadow
  7. May the God and Goddess protect and heal her
  8. Congratulations, Still waiting on my credentials hope to receive them soon.
  9. It's been awhile since this was posted. Aparently site nolonger is. :!: