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  1. Your all correct, It condouns hate a killing, The Muslims sholud be burning the book they read, instead of the American Flag. God Bless!!
  2. God, HMMMMM, Well I suppose God, If we speak of Jesus was right next to you, he can't shot, he can't be someone you can be behind, he's there for you to say. You are my Son, I gave my Life for youto fight your battle's, I'm here for you when you need someone to be behind your back, I can't be everywhere, but I'm Next to you when you our Father with my Friend Michael. You are fighting, for a cause you choose,,Our Father knows who you are and where you are, trust in they self,,, Our Father thats says he's in Heaven, Is, I know his name, And so do you!! Have Faith!!!! Our Brother Michael., is RIGHT by You Side!!! Rev.John , He listens to "I"
  3. I hear Barack right now talking about change on the TV,,, what I want to know,,, After all these years of Civil Rights, Will the Blacks, Not African-Americans will riot??? I hope not, but if they do in 48 days, they take the lost of a Black American didn't win the Presitenal win, no Guns, No chains, No anthying when it come's to Racial Violence. I hear the KKK is ready to attack if there is problems,,, Hey look, I'm a American,, i can say Itailain American, but thats not the way I live. Civil Rights????? Aren't those days past, we all live with each other, I won't kiss a black man or woman's ass, but I also don't expect them to kiss my ass, we'll you all know what I'm saying. It's sounds corney, but why can't we all get along,,,the KKK, what they need is sheets to cover there damn face's, hopefully there sheets are full of strong bleach and make's them sick as hell. Let me tell you all, White, Black,Asian, mexican, and who ever else ,,(all I ask) is that you did what my Immagrant family did, not does ,but what what did. My Family had to know English before they took there there Immigration test, which they were proud to take, to learn English and The American Constitution. You know what I'm speaking about... Let Us all be free, but let us earn it!!!! Rev.John
  4. My Prayers with You and Your Family, Let me know if I can help you in anyway, anyway through the Internet. God Bless! Rev.John
  5. "Doubt that the sun doth move, doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt I love".