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  1. C3P0 has obviously had his memory of the events of Episodes 1-3 erased, but there is no reason to believe R2D2 has. He is a mechanic, he responds to queries and notifies his owners of danger, but he doesn't make conversation. I think he knows everything. When I was a kid and saw episode IV I knew R2 had knowledge that he wasn't sharing. C3P0 probably just doesn't want to remember anything that happened to him. He's pretty high strung that way.
  2. Looks interesting. I'll have to play around with it.
  3. What tuning do you use? That's a good idea. I tried transcribing the bulk of the really recognizable parts for one guitar which works out okay. But being more free with my transcription is probably a better idea.
  4. "Carry On" is also a really good tune.
  5. No, it occurs frequently under the verse.
  6. Is that a euphemism for corralling the tadpoles?
  7. I tried transcribing Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody (the famous one). I got a decent chunk of it done but I needed two guitars and a bass and also hit some trouble spots where the piano notes just aren't playable on the guitar.
  8. I listened to Your Prayer. The vocals definitely needed to be more up front in the mix. It's not my kind of music but it's got potential. One thing I didn't like was the long slide up the fretboard. It seemed to end on an off-key note.
  9. I just started reading Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown. I must say I'm rather disappointed so far. I'm not sure what he butchers more, the history of the Illuminati or particle physics. I can only hope it gets better from here.
  10. I just finished "Splinter of the Mind's Eye" by Allan Dean Foster. This was the first Star Wars novel (released about a year after the movie came out). He also wrote the Star Wars novelization. I must say it was pretty mediocre. The plot was okay but the characters of Luke and Leia were not reasonable extrapolations from the movies. Luke was suddenly very worldy and Leia was suddenly stupid. The Luke/Darth battle at the end was anti-climactic. Finally some important things were left unresolved. I must say, though, that I was warned beforehand and didn't listen.
  11. I'm reading "Splinter of the Mind's Eye" by Allen Dean Foster. This is the very first Star Wars novel (er, except for the Star Wars novelization). It was written shortly after Star Wars was released. I'll be interested to see what direction Foster took the story in, because I didn't like how Lucas developed the story in the sequels (so much so that I've boycotted the prequels).
  12. Just finished "The Journey of Man" by Spencer Wells. A pretty quick read where the author uses mutations on the Y-Chromosome to trace the spread of man from Africa.
  13. There a website I think or something like that. If that link doesn't work do a search for critters and authors. It's an on-line organization where you submit stories to be critiqued. The catch is that you have to critique a certain amount of stories before you can submit your own. I used to belong to it (though I never actually submitted anything) and the critiques are pretty fair. Critics will praise good parts and also point out flaws, but generally will do so diplomatically. Having friends read stories is generally useless since most friends won't want to say anything negative no matter how loudly the writer proclaims that he wants an honest opinion.
  14. That was a very good book, even if it was very convoluted. I just finished "A Calculated Risk" by the same author and was very disappointed. Despite the fact that the author worked for years in high finance and would presumably know what she was talking about, I just couldn't believe it. Maybe because the characters were so lame I just couldn't get into the story.
  15. I very occasionally read comic books. I haven't done it in years though. I used to like X-Men. I would like to eventually read "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and "Death of Superman." Yeah, they're old but could be interesting.
  16. Normally I read about a dozen books at a time but right now I'm only reading: A Calculated Risk--Catherine Neville The Languages of Africa--Numerous authors Shamanism--Eliade Mircea (or something like that) Aethro-Kinematics--I forget the author's name