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  1. Sitting before the warmth of a burning fire, Thoughts of yesterday swirl through my mind. Gone are the romantic castles, dark and dire, silently, corridors in them are dying. No longer can spirits floursh, Discovery, realism are the assassins. Spirts must die, in the pages of time, Returning only in the dreams of compassion.
  2. In the vast resivor of life, Pasts the depths of the sea of grass. There shall be eternal life; There among the ancestors of dead silence. Blind white animals reach upward for the light of day. From the natural womb in the body of the earth They arise to evade the land. Their organisms transmitting signals to the surface... Finally reaching the refuge of humanity, they spawn.... Releasing isolated energy to an extreme They produce new life formed organs. Then from Sun, Moon, and Sky, Scavengers, preditors rise from the dark of night, to seek and consume new life, To repair and till their own.
  3. I woke to find them playing hide and seek a game of fun What else was there to do? I joined and donned the skins and false beak And went to closets where I had no view. The masks did not come off, when gone was fun, and questions emerged- how and why and who. I felt around; in circles was I spun, And little of the others' place I knew. But then I saw the mount, the sky, the sun. In ripply ponds, I glanced at me, my dress, And chanced to note close by another one. At first the garb I viewed,, no more, no less. But I went past the layered facade to see A being there, and I discovered me.
  4. Universe is full Lots to do and see Here to see There to seek I once seeked I once found And was happy Like many thought I didn't seek hard enough Didn't really find Only thought I did Others seek and find I seek and cry
  5. Beneath the height of a dying tree, A face, so kind stared at me. The wind blew serienty The sky enveloped the earth in tranquility. All around, the world was quiet Except for the murmur of voices within And in the depth of this familar space LOVE
  6. This has happened before. Several times. The events The emotions The frustrations The Goddamn pain The only thing different Is the other person. But not by much It's all the same. There's so much ahead Is there any excape? Is there anything to escape?
  7. Crossroads in the dark of the night; I know I've met you there.... once or twice. The meetings, brief and shallow, leave me to wonder about future crossroads and the vague possibility that I'll be seeing you again
  8. Their hooves beat heavy on the wind Like thunder clapping in a summer storm Louder yet, I hear them coming There are horses on the wind Their hooves pound out their fate Their destination yet unknown Horses on the wind Their fiery nostrils like the gates of Hell Nothing living can mount their fury Their muscles stretch with stress and strain Their warm deep breath chills the soul Excitement mounts with each hoof beat Fate she plays her heartless trick The hooves now fly, the manes, they blow The roaring waters rush below There are horses on the wind Their hooves poud out their fate Their desti
  9. Life is a maze, never ending........ Time wasted taking, not spending. Only the gifted can escape, into the real life. A touched heart bleeds, prisoners still remain........
  10. I was given the power to think, But not the power to know my thoughts.
  11. Because Christ is the head of the church, he is its Savior; therefore, as the husband is the head of the wife, he should not only rule, but protect and bless.
  12. Because Christ is the head of the church, he is its Savior; therefore, as the husband is the head of the wife, he should not only rule, but protect and bless.
  13. That really makes me think of my oldest daughter and middle son who both are serving in Iraq, for a war that in my opion remind's me of my tour in Vietnam, FOR WHAT?
  14. Just finished reading (this morning) Living Water, which is a free book.
  15. I think he meant The Beatle's When I was younger and much smaller they sad I looked like Gerald McRaney, Now they say I look like Paul Tittle
  16. When you are down to nothing ... God is up to something
  17. My prayers are out there for you both, Good luck and God bless.