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    Spirituality, Reiki, holistic health, raw veganism, animals, music
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    Swedenborgian (I consider myself a Christian Hindu)

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  1. I am currently in what I would call an unhealthy relationship. I love this man dearly, and I would think he was "The One" except for a major issue that he chooses not to resolve. I do honestly believe he loves me, but obviously not enough to do what is necessary for our relationship to thrive. (Note the italics above--this is indeed a conscious choice that he absolutely has 100% control of and responsibility for; he just WON'T DO IT. There are no outside factors, no extenuating circumstances, etc.) To be honest, I'm not sure what to pray for myself--for him to resolve this issue, or me to gather the courage to walk away. I guess I just need prayer that the Great Spirit will push one of us in the direction we need to go--whichever outcome is best for our Highest Good. I have never in my life known love like this man has shown me. But I'm getting very tired and discouraged; as much as I love him and would hate to let him go, this issue is fast becoming a deal-breaker for me. Peace and Blessings, Suzy