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  1. It's soooooooooo cute! A wolf puppy howls for the first time! Oh, and watch wolf puppies rock out to Simple Plan's son "I'm Just a Kid" :
  2. I am angry that my people are still oppressed in this world. This video was disgusting! I wish there was a way I could go over to Serbia and liberate those enslaved in these jokes of institutions! NOTE: Please be advised this video IS disturbing. Viewers are cautioned that it is very graphic, however, since it highlights the oppression many of my people still endure in the world, it is instructive. Please be advised though, as i said, it is graphic! NOTE http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=9Gt_y2s5Uu8
  3. There is no delusion. This society is my enemy. Whatever brings woe unto them, whatever shatters their power, is in my favor. You know your system is slowly dissolving, right? How long do you think you can support this system of oppression? You realize eventually people will see the lie of normality, and realize it is nothign more then a system desinged by the majority to force conformity on the rest of us, yes? Your world is ending. Revolution is coming, and you will either learn to adapt or be sweapt away.
  4. Well, I haven;t been persecuted for my religious beliefs, simply because I lie very frequently about them. I feel no need to discuss them with the Jesus Dvision, since I know they don't care anything about me. However, I have been persecuted for my lifestyle, which to me is a form of spirituality to me. My parents sent me to a psychiatrist when I was a kid, because they kept finding my diaper stash. You have to remwember, that back in the 80's, when no one knew what Infantalism was, or for that matter what a Teen baby was (?!), any interest in that sort of thing was a sign you were seriously sick and who knows, even one of those disgusting pedophile perverts (BTW, the Infantaphobes still try to connect the two. I guess if there still too brain damage to understand gay men are interested in gay men, NOT children, then what can we expect?). Worse yet, because of the deficient farce in High School and Middle School they call "Sex Education" (Should be renamed "Hetrosexuality 101" not Sex Ed), I had no information about it, neither did my parents. I most certainly refused to speak to the shrink about it they sent me, partly because I was afraid and partly because my parents filled my head with the idea that only freaks and deviants did such things. I remember one specific incident that sort of crystalized the societal concept of it at the time. I was at Perry's Drugstore, and because my bicycle tire had popped and I was broke, I couldn't call my parents to pick me up or for that matter, ride my bike home. Anyway, I was spending sometime in the Incontinents section of Perry's, daydreaming about those lovely diapers, when my father came in. I didn't know he was behind me, but he was. He grabbed me, my bike and threw it in the trunk (the bike, not me (: ). He then began screaming at me in the care, asking me "what the ** is the matter with you". In typical tolerant fashion, when I attempted to talk to him, he backhnaded me in the face and caused my nose to gush blood. I learned that day all I had to know about "normal" people. I learned they will use violence to make others like themselves, and willfight to the death to force everyone to be like them and conform. I also learned that I wasn;t acceptable as I was, unless I was the cookie cutter son my dad expected. I eventually escaped their house, and began living my own life. I have been gratified by many people's open mindedness, allthough I am continually reminded they consider us freaks and deviants. I get so sick of HetroSupremacists and their accusations againstmy community that were pedophiles. What si so sickening is that these hypocrites are MANY TIMES the ACTUAL pedophiles! I am so tired of living in a HetroSupremacist society, where they expect us to kowtow to them and their prejudices. My community, and by extension myself, are constantly under attack. Since the laws do not protect us from HetroSupremacists or Itheir Infantaphobia, they can fire us for it or deny us employment. They can do this even if we keep it to ourselves, in the closet in effect! At least one Deputy Sheriff of a local p.d was fired, not because he was unethical or criminal, but because he was an adult baby! He was so frightened of how the local bigots would react, he didn;t even sue the Infantaphobes who discriminated against him! I am therefore dedicated to the destruction of their society. I would gladly hurl a bomb in a church that was filled with them, and in doing so remove some of my enemies from this planet. I hate them, I hate their religion, I hate their society and I wish them only death and pain. I would gladly strap a bomb on to myself and blow myself up, if in doing so I could kill the lot of them. I am glad everytime I hear one of them gets killed in an accident, and I would love it if someoneone would bomb that Church that runs the website "godhatesfags.com". I feel no more guilt about them being killed then I feel about stepping on a cockroach. I consider them my mortal enemies. In fact i consider them lower on the evolutionary tree then cockroaches. I truly believe that they are thugs and bullies, and the only thing that will make them treat us with respect is if we are armed and willing to shoot them dead if they violate our rights. I believe in an armed response if they should persecute us, with bombs being planted to explode in their churches, e.t.c if they turn on us.
  5. Slaves, please don't watch this video. It will disturb you and may even wake you up to the truth. So please, show proper respect and servility to your Masters, and go eat a cheese doodle or go further in debt. American citizens though, please do watch this. For the rest of the herd of sheeple slaves, go watch Jerry Springer and eat a Big Mac. WARNING: CONTAINS MATERIAL THAT MIGHT DISTURB THE MASSES OF AMERICAN SLAVES (NOT CITIZENS) IN AMERICA. DON'T UPSET YOUR MASTERS AND WATCH THIS! BE A GOOD SLAVE AND GO IN DEBT FURTHER INSTEAD! WARNING! http://www.freedomtofascism.com/ WARNING: CONTAINS TRUTHS TOO FRIGHTENING AND TRUTHFUL FOR THE MINDS OF SLAVES!! ONLY CITIZENS WATCH, PLEASE!! WARNING!!
  6. This explains everything better then I could put in words: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=tkJNyQfAprY
  7. You're right. If I wasn't able to judge, I might actually be deceived by the propoganda of society and the lies they propagate. Luckily ,I am able to watch the parade of automatons and drones, and clearly discern that I would rather be half out of the bag then "normal" like them. The funny thing is the drones and automatons aren't satisfied that you allow them to march around like wind-up toys or like people who had a labotomy, but they insist you do it too. I mean, far be it for me to stop you from drinking the poisoned Kool-Aide the cult of conformity and mind control you call a society insists you drink. Drink it by the gallons, if you wish. But I'm not fooled. I know, mataphorically speaking where the bodies lare buried, and I happend to also know that in more cases then the automatons and drones would like to admit, their either doing something twice as "evil" or what not then I am. Therefore, I know the preachers railing about sin and the self rightouse Traditional Family Values Brigade are the worst offenders, usually the ones screwing prostitutes, watching hours of porn, drinking and beating their wife and kids and paying toothless crack whores to do unmentionable things so the Right Reverend can have a party in his pants (Can we forget Jerry "The Hutt" Fallwell and his famous line "Ahh haff sinnnnnnnnnnnned!" I wasn't suprised the gelatinous slab of useless flesh had..most "Right Reverends" are involved in "sin" up to their necks!). The only difference is I don't lie, whereas the faceless armies of automatons and drones out there lie so much they wouldn't know the truth if it was a tractor trailer and hit them at 85 miles an hour. No offense to any automatons or drones..Just go back to sleep and break your arm patting yourself on the back. I am sure that some day you might even convince yourselves of the ** you're trying to sell yourself. Just shove another Big Mac down your triple-chinned throat and anethstasize your brain with more Budwieser. Sooner or later that painful thing we call truth will eventually evaporate in a sea of alcohol and the self serving ** you call truth. Trust me.
  8. A good basical explanation of ABism, and relationship Ab's have. Includes interviews with Baby Ellas/Kaylee's family, e.t.c. Overall, very Pg-13. However, I warn you it is a frank discussion of ABism, and for some they may prefer to avoid the link, allthough as I said, it is really PG-13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZfj7uudd7E
  9. What is happiness, SilverRose? I just don't know what it is anymore. It has been a long time since I could say for sure I was happy. Since practically the moment i was self aware, it has been one uphill battle after another. Can I say I am miserable all the time? No. I can't say that I am miserable all the time. Like all of us, I have my moments when I experience what you might call happiness, and like most of us, it is fleeting. I don't know SilverRose...what if you feel you have lost everything that ever mattered to you, maybe what you would call your soul. Is it possible to be truly happy? True, I remind myself there are so many other people that have had it much, much worse then me, but it is cold comfort. I'm not them, and there not me. I don't know..I just don't know. What I want I can not have, because when you lose somethings, no matter how badly you want them back, they are impossible to regain. I would sell my soul to Satan himself (if he existed) if it were possible to regain it. Innocence lost is innocence never regained. I didn't become a Sith because I don't care about people or that I am unfeeling. It was for these very reasons I did. This world is a messed up place, built on the suffering, pain, lostness and terror of others. How can you have a heart in a world without one? How can you not become numbed to it, if you want to survive? My father, as you know, committed suicide. Even though I miss him, it made me realize something. as much as I miss him, I wouldn't change places with him. I've seen people I care about literally dying in front of my eyes, and there was nothing I could do about it. Pain and suffering is life, I guess. Even your happiest moments are fleeting. A world built on injustice so deep and all pervasive, where nothing really changes, is a world you have to question if it is fit to live in. I can not change the world, SilverRose. If I could not save those I loved or rescue them from suffering, then I can not do anything for this world. Where there is life, there is hope. Maybe miracles do exist, and someday one will happen to me. I don't know. I do know that I have no other choice but to continue to live, even if many times my heart isn't in it. I have a responsibility to those left behind, and even if from a personal perspective I would as much like not to exist at times, I can not let them down. Like many things, nobody consulted me on this. I have no choice but to continue, for there sake if not mine. I'll tell you this, though. When it does come time me to take off this mortal coil, I won't look at it as a terrible thing. When a persons heart dies, the body sooner or later follows suit. My heart died a long time ago, and I have been willing to go for a long time. I have grieved the destruction of all that was good for a long time. If tears and sadness could make things right again, it would have been. Outside a miracle happening, I doubt what has lost can be restored to me. I don't know what it is you value, or what is most important to you SilverRose. But whatever it is, if you irrevocably lose it or have lost it, you know that a piece of your heart has been ripped out of your chest. You may live for others, for the sake of friends, family or children, but that doesn't in the end fill the emptiness. All it does is give you a tenuous hold on this world, until all the links that hold you here are severed and your finally released to find eternal peace.
  10. Thats the point. They won't take no for an answer. The point is that NONE of you should be bothering me unless I ask you to. If I don't know you, then don't approach me on the street. If I tell you no, then stop bugging me. Bother someone else. I am not another notch for you rBible Belt.
  11. Just random Evangelicals who bug me on the street and of course the Mormons.
  12. No, I am not letting a con con me. I am sorry, anyone who says in one breath she agreed to have sex and then later charged him, and then in another breath expresses remorse is lying. He is asking for us to believe him, yet his story is full of **. I don't help liars, especially lying former cons. Yes, I will examine everything he says under a microscope. I run under the same assumption I do when "recovering" addicts, who have a week clean time tell me they are clean: I figure there full of **, and until they prove otherwise, I believe every word they say is a lie. If a story dosen't make sense, it's **. Pure and simple. Don't ask for my help or compassion and try to ** me. If I believed every "recovering" addict and con out there, they would have picked me clean. So I run under the assumption that there pathological liars, that they lie at the drop of a hat, and only a record of truth told, backed with evidence will change my opinion. You say your not smoking crack? Then piss in the cup, and we'll see. You drop dirty, get the hell out and don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out. You say your coming clean to people, and yet your story contradicts it's self, then I suspect your lying. In that case, they can rot in Hell or get violated and there butt thrown in a cage again. I don't have the time to waste on liars. When I help people, I help people who are for real, and can prove their for real. Addicts and cons have little credibility to me.
  13. But aren't you dying to hear our doctrine? I mean, wouldn't i be evil if I didn't bother you at every chance I get, lest you miss the True Path and fail to make it ot the Celestial Nursery? i would be a very bad man if I deprived you of your chance to an eternity spent in the Celestial Nursery.
  14. Repent of your wickedness and be saved! Thou shalt confess that the Holy Infant is Lord, or thoust shalt be casteth in the pit. Expect us to be knocking on your door soon.
  15. I'm sorry, from my philosophy, a person may only receive my forgiveness when they victimize others if they do some things 1. Take full responsibility for their actions, without making excuses 2. Cease blaming the victim, thereby revictimizing them 3. Not complain about the results of their behavior, and the fallout that happen from it In your statement, you said that she was intoxicated and agreed to sexual intercourse, but forgot that she had agreed. Yet, in your charge you were convicted of Aggravated Assault. It seems to me, that empirically speaking, by either being convicted by a jury of your peers, or possibly accepting a plea bargain, you have been found guilty of assaulting this woman. Now assault is impossible if said sexual partner gives consent. The jury had then found that she did not give consent, or if you took a plea, you were charged with a more serious crime, and to save yourself, you reached an agreement to take the charge of aggravated assault and plead guilty to it. Therefore, either the woman is lying, or you are. If the woman is lying, you lost your liberty based on a lie. If you are lying, then by the fact that you are lying, you do not receive my forgiveness or my compassion. The jury found you guilty (if you indeed had a jury trial). If you were found guilty by a jury, that means the evidence said you had indeed assaulted this woman. Answer the question then: 1) Did the woman lie? If so, do you plan to sue her for knowingly perjured herself on the stand and for knowingly have led to you being incarcerated based on a lie? 2) If you agree that the charges were truthful in substance, then why do you insist she agreed to sexual intercourse but "forgot"? 3) If you did not have a jury trial, where you could defend yourself with legal counsel, what was the nature of the plea agreement you took? What was the charge you were looking at? Lastly, logic suggest that if your statement is true and it was consensual, that a grave injustice has been done to you. The only alternative is you are lying to us now, and it was against her will. If A is true (she lied), then why did you take the plea or why were you convicted in a jury trial? If B is true (your lying to us to minimize your criminal activity, and thereby revictimizing this woman by calling her a liar) then you most certainly do not get my compassion. In fact, if your lying to us now, in a futile attempt to deceive us, I hope that if the Christians are right, you burn in the deepest, hottest, darkest pit of Hell. So who's the liar- you or her?
  16. Mark, I did that for the sake of those who hold that view. I of course disagree. I am God's Chosen, since I was made in His image more then they. However, they choose to rebel against the Holy Infant, and unfortunately won't repent. I am sure if you pray to the Divine Infant, he may be in a mood to have mercy on them and help them overcome their lifestyle and join God's Chosen People. I am praying for it, and eventually i plan to go door to door to save them from their sins.
  17. I hope the baby gets better. since God is a Baby, he has a special place in His heart for babies. Divine Infant, we ask you your mercy on Your chosen Made in Your Image. Please heal the child and allow Sammy to grow up to be healthy and happy Please make sure she knows You and joins Your Chosen People. Please save her from the evils of Adultism Rescue her from the clutches of the evildoers.
  18. Ah, dear, the problem is that Lightfoot and his bretheren believe they have it terrible. Let me tell you something, Mr. Lightfoot and his bretheren wouldn't get such short shift with me. You'd be LUCKY to go to prison before i caught up with you. I'd hang you from chains in my basement and torment you with battery acid, cattle prods, lit cigarretes, box cutters, pliers and stun guns. This would go on not for days, not weeks, but MONTHS. I get so tired of hearing some convict who is alive and sitting in a cage complaining he has it so rough. Listen, in my opinion, if I had my way I'd torture you in such ways untill you either died from shock or you lost your mind first or both. In many countries they would simply have dragged many of your "buddies" out and have stoned your ass or chop your heads off. Then, while were paying for you to sit in a cage, and your being fed by us (the taxpayer), you complain. Seriously, you. Why not lock you in a cage and let you starve to death? I don't owe some punk who macks on kids and assaults women **, certainly not for you to be fed, or to receive medical care. as far as I am concerned, lock them up, brick up the cell, and let the ** starve in the dark. ** convicts crying because after ** up someones life, society won't hug and kiss them. I say line you **ers up and put a bullet in each of your heads. How dare you come here to cry like a little , after you and you're assortment of have exploited, beaten and raped innocent people? You should be dead, , not with a computer and a job, dead!
  19. Anyways, to make it simpler for those who just think of people such as myself as evil, depraved perverts, I will refer to my lifestyle as a sick perversion so those who prefer this point of view can feel sufficiently justified and righteous. Anyways, the story of the depraved, perverted Lord Occult starts real early. You see, Lord Occultis was born on March 9th, 1973. He grew up in the typical white suburb, with the typical white fence, two brothers and a dog. Life was not easy for the fledgling pervert, because sadly God in His infinite wisdom decided to give Lord Occultis A.D.D, a bad disposition and a whole slew of emotional problems that led little Occultis to crack the normal, decent youth of his suburb in the head with his fists. So while Lord Occultis was assaulting the decent, freshly scrubbed and superior normal people who properly refered to him as a retard for being in Special Ed, not including assaulting little Occultis's older brother who God blessed with Dyslexia, little Occultis was trying to make his way in life. Anyways, to the not so salacious stuff (sorry, we don't let Jerry Springer use us for his freak show for you to righteously mock and laugh at us, sorry)..When little Occultis was reaching the age of, oh 4th grade, his strange and sickening perversion popped up. See, since we were all grouped together in Special Ed together, unfortunately some of the physically disabled students unfortunately were incontinent. Hence diapers. Hence the growth of the strange, disgusting and depraved perversion that I am writing about. Anyways, since I was prepubescent, I just ifgured in my infinite ignorance this strange interest was that, a strange interest. Alas, Lord Occultis hit puberty (sorry, they don't sterilize us anymore or castrate us anymore, so yes, we are breeding, my apologies). Suddenly, his strange interest took on sexual and emotional aspects. Suddenly, in the full blossom of burgeoning hormones, our erstwhile youth suddenly started saving his lunch money for Depends. Alas, little Occultis's parents, who naturally wished to dissuade the pervert's interest, began their campaign of shame and punishment. Again, because he was an evil seed (one of the unwashed, unbaptized masses that are naturally Hellbound) this did not dissuade little Occultis. Many psychiatrists later, still unable to root the perversion from the demented, depraved, sick, disgusting and amoral psyche of young Occultis, his parents decided to "ignore' it. Things became better when Occultis could flee the home of his parents and run into the loving arms of the Scarlet Lady of Mystery Babylon. What, may you ask, has this to do with my title "Proud to be a Pervert". Thank you for asking, gentle readers. I finally realized it was allright to be a pervert. When you strip away your social conventions and the fact that you have created a diety that is the simple apothosification of yourselves, in effect diefying yourselves, you realize that the Emperor wears no clothes. Indeed, for every upstanding citizen of the community, you usually find a hypocritical, self-rightous drone who hasn't the guts, fortitude or honesty to be anything other then a well trained drone. So yes, I am immensely proud to be a pervert, because otherwise I'd join the milling armies of faceless drones who are so brainwashed they don't even know their drones. This is Lord Occultis and I endorse this message. Say no to conformity, or end up a mindless drone like the masses of drones that squirm like mindless, sightless maggots on this hypocritical continent we call the United States of America!
  20. Lightfoot, i read your introduction with interest. It does indeed seem your having a hard time. A suggestion, however. If the info I received on your conviction, and the nature of the conviction is true, may I kindly suggest that you perhaps concentrate less on romantic activities with the ladies? I read it, and if indeed this is you, it says you were convicted for rape. It would seem to me that before any female would enter a romantic relationship with you, that you might have some work to do on yourself. Please forgive me if the person I looked at on the aforementioned corrections site wasn't you. However, it seems to me that unless you have spent sufficient time in figuring out the reason you raped the person you did, that you would do yourself a grave disservice in getting into a relationship. Rape, as I am sure you know, is an act of rage and often hatred for a specific female, or many times, towards woman in general. Your the only one that knows if this is your first victim or your 110th victim. Statistically speaking, sexual offenders often have multiple offenses before they are found and incarcerated for it. Again, I would not suggest this is true of you, however. Only you know, in your own heart and soul if this is so. However, if it is indeed factual, (AGAIN, I **don't** know, this is just **statistically true many times***), it might be an act of wisdom for you to explore the roots of your aggression towards the particular female you assaulted (assuming it WAS a female; hey it happens to guys too!). I would strongly suggest that you acquire the aide of a qualified therapist and honestly explore the emotions and your past that led you to this path. As for people getting light sentences...Again, taking in consideration that many offenders (and not just sex offenders), often commit a series of crimes and have multiple victims, more often then not they don't receive HALF of what they have coming. It seems to me that if everyone in prison caught a case for each and every crime they had done, in many cases we would have individuals finding themselves locked on Death Row waiting for an appointment with lethal injection. In light of that fact, and in light of the fact that your fellow cellies and inmates would often be looking at NEVER being paroled or being executed, I think LOTS of you got off easy. While you say that you accept your part in this, I sense that your victim empathy is very low. i appreciate the harm that this has done to you, and how many people will not give you a chance to prove yourself. However, in your message I did not hear once any statement that led me to believe that you understand the fear, anger, guilt, confusion and shame your victim must live with. I am sure you received therapy in prison, and as you know, lack of victim empathy can lead to thinking errors that will make it easier for you to once again begin on the offense cycle. As a suggestion, while being honest with yourself about the stress and damage this has done to you, it might be fruitful for you to briefly meditate on the lifetime of fear, shame, guilt, anger and confusion your victim must live with for the rest of their life. I say this not to increase your own shame, for shame never changes a person. I say this so you do not delude yourself into false guilt, where you believe this was a "terrible mistake". It was no mistake, Tommy. Honest guilt means you accept the consequences, not just of incarceration, but the damage you have done to your victim, and the multiple secondary victims such as her or his family, friends and loved ones. I hope that The Force gives you strength, and is with you. I hope sincerely I did not offend you, but I would be less then honest or helpful if I let you delude yourself or pass over the fact that if rape is indeed your crime, that you have serious rage and aggression issues towards that woman (assuming it was a female), and perhaps women in general. Please, please Tommy, get the therapy you need so you can heal and you can give your victim the only gift you can possibly offer her or him now: NO MORE VICTIMS! EVER!
  21. Hmm....You know Coolhand, while I appreciate your take on all this, all I can say is SOMETIMES, just SOMETIMES people out grow Christianity. I think a lot of it has to do with contraditictions built into the Bible it's self. You speak of him getting "just with Jesus"..Have you thought he MAY have allready done that and Jesus more or less said that parts of the Bible really don't reflect what he thought? The fact is the Bible has been redacted, as can be seen through the Old Testament as well. I have had people say that to me, that I just need to ask God with a sincere heart and that God will reveal that what they are saying is true. The funny thing is, when I DO ask God (a.k.a The Force), more often then not the impression I get is that God agrees with me STILL! So what if he does as you say, Coolhand, and after reading the Bible and talking to Jesus, Jesus says "You know Blackthorn, many people have seriously misquoted me and put words in My mouth. Here's the real deal son; I inspired ALL these books, but because I am God, and you are just a puny human with a puny human brain, NONE of you have it totally right and that includes you, Coolhand AND Lord Occultis. I gave you a mind to understand, a heart to feel and logic to question. I never intended for ANYONE to uncritically take My words without thinking it through. It's no mistake there are so many religions here, BlackThorn: That was by MY DESIGN. I intended to use them to help you eventually reach a day when you and I can relate on a more personal level, one on one, where you won't NEED any holy book because we will talk face to face. Untill that day comes, please take it all with a grain of salt, and most of all, trust the mind I gave you to think and the heart I gave you to feel"? You assume, as those who tell me to ask God, that Jesus or God or whatever you trerm the Divine will answer them in the way you see it, and that if God dosen't their misled. Can't God, being the Divine Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent One do as He pleases? If God wants BlackThorn to believe as you do, it seems to me that God can make it PERFECTLY CLEAR to BlackThorn that what you say is indeed the 100%, unvarnished Truth (with a capital T). Fact is, even your own Church disagrees with you, Coolhand. Now, are they right or are you right? If their right, then why resist "the Truth". However, if you are right, then why do they (who seem to be sincere, honest people) disagree with you? Could it be your BOTH RIGHT? Could it be that NEITHER of you are wrong, but that in one of those classical pardoxes it's Both/And not Either/Or? In the end, speaking now from my religious perspective, The Force is too great, transcendent and wonderful for us puny humans to even CLAIM we totally understand it. A person could spend a billion lifetimes contemplating The Force, and even THAT would not be enough! In the end, The Force is ineffieable. I take your meaning of "God" to be synonymous with The Force. Can you claim to know the mind of God, Coolhand? Does God call on you when he needs to make a decision? Are you God's counselor? Of course not! I respect BlackThorn and wish him well on his voyage of discovery.
  22. Thank you, my brother. I see Sithism as a unified spiritual/political philosophy. I think that when one examines the Scriptures (Star Wars 1-6), it is difficult not to see how the Sith have ALWAYS been involved in politics. My own personal take on it, is to view the heart of Sith political action and personal approach, is to overcome oppression not by begging or pleading, but becoming too strong TO be oppressed. We mustn't forget Lord Vader began his life as a slave, and that , IMHO, it was because of this early oppression that Anakin was ultimatlely led to become the Apprentice of Lord Sidious. That, ultimately, is where I see that the Jedi fail. Why didn't they do something not just for Anakin, but the OTHER slaves on Tatoine? Despite what the Jedi often claim, the truth is shown by the fact they were only concerned to free Anakin because he might be the Chosen One (as indeed he was), and they had no concerns to liberate the other slaves their on Tatoine. Speaks volumes.
  23. I'm starting this thread to start a list of books and movies with a positive potrayal of people with disabilities. I hope to use this info to give a list of books and such for youth with disabilities (and adults) that contain characters who are positive potrals of people with disabilities One that I am reading now is "The Eve of The Maelstrom", by Jean Rabe. The book is a fantasy book in the Dragon Lance series and has a positive potrayal of a half-ogre character named Growler who is deaf. The character is potrayed as a contributing member to the other characters, and the emphasis is not on his deafness, but on what he contributes to the other characters in the party (Dungeouns and Dragons book). There even is a type of "service dog" in it, where Growler has a wolf that he works with. What is nice about the book is that the other chacracters make an effort to leanr sing language to talk to Growler. All in all, a very positive potrayaql. A great movie that is a positive potrayal of mental illness is "A Beautiful Mind". The movie is superb in that he clearly shows how convincing delusions and hallucinations can be to a person suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. Moreover, the main charater, a brilliant mathematician, is presented not as a burden on society, but as positive contributer, a nice change from many stereotypes perpetuated about people with mental illness. What makes this movie special is that it shows things from the perspective of the main character. This also excellent for people who do not have disabilities, as often they have a hard time grasping the overpowering effect of delusions and hallucinations brought on by schizophrenia. Anyways, if you have any movies or books you read with a positive potrayal of people with disabilites ( mental illness, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, autism, e.t.c) please post it here.
  24. What books on a post-apocalyptic theme would you suggest?