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  2. whatever I grab first, as long as its comfortable and the colors and/or patterns don't clash so much as to blind a person! I've been to known to wear items that don't match well. And I don't really care. Fashion is NOT my thing!
  3. Mmmm, well, if it HAS to be a true pie, then Lemon Meringue. But if I could have cheesecake, it would be Nutella Cheescake! Oh, my... soooo good! lol
  4. As a child, my parents didn't know which religion to follow. Subsequently, I have a baptismal record that states I'm Catholic. After that, there was the Baptist church we would go to with my paternal grandmother, and still I would go to Catholic church with my maternal grandparents. After a few more church changes, my parents began to follow the Jehovah's Witnesses. Eventually, they stopped going to services anywhere. Needless to say, although most of the churches we went to were Christian based, I took a little from each one, and have settled my beliefs that way. Raising my own childre