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  1. I found that you can give your body to science, they will show up and take it away. No cost, no service, no problems ! They will send your ashes (after they get done with you that is) to anyone you say or to a family member OR they will place your ashes in their own grave yard they maintain. One such company is "IIAM" International Institute for the Advancement of Medicine This is what I told my kids and neighbors that I want when I head off to the happy hunting grounds ! Just a idea !
  2. Could it be that evolution is just a step in the on going creation of intelligent design ?
  3. The part of the movie that got to me was all the religious nuts. Why would finding life off earth be so anti-God, anti-religion ? Are we so.....well I can't find the right word here......that we would believe that God would only make one earth, one believing life form, one universe for only us ? By now he would be bored watching what we are doing and he would go creat more liveable planets and more life forms. Why in the movie did the religious nuts automaticly think any contact from off earth would have to be from God ? I've watched the movie many many times and just can not understand all the religious wacko's and their way of thinking ! Peace..... Friar Timothy...Agnostic
  4. I'm thinking that you could use a Video Conference to get past these rules. I know the local county uses video conferencing when they hold meetings because the county is so large. That should be enuff to refer to when asked about a congregation getting together !