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  1. No, the other half is being forced to give your yummy raw deer meat to the bear so it doesn't eat you. Though this one can also be outrunning the guy next to you.
  2. Oh, you got stuck with one of those. They are even if you're from a rural area. The challenge is half the fun.
  3. think makes a good salsa additive. I'm inclined to say..
  4. A bedtime prayer by Kitty Delger Now I lay me down to rest. I pray that all the world be blest. Lady Moon and Sister Star Watch over me from afar. Mother Earth is always there And keeps me safe within her care. The Lord of Dreams will dance and sing And happy dreams will to me bring. And when I wake to greet the day Brother Sun will light my way.
  5. I'm the same way. I did a short hermitage-thingy when I was younger but now being a hubby and daddy make that a bit more difficult. If I ever find myself alone again its back to the woods.
  6. You're world must be greatly simplified during power outages
  7. shine our shoes next Tuesday, today is just ..
  8. all the stagemagican/comedian/judges of the world. How can they expect to...
  9. half the cast from Night Court. He really believes...
  10. which happens to be the death of his pet goat Corky who died while..
  11. was vaguely reminded of his favorite gameshow. But quickly...
  12. pencil box. Proof of a human with the Midas touch would just be too much for the world. Especially with the..
  13. Because it is the simplest most logical interpretation of my life's experiences and has withstood my repeated attempts to debunk. Though any beliefs I have debunked are tossed aside.
  14. I answered yes to both. But this is with the stipulation that harm to those same rights of others is punishable. For example, I think a person should have a right to use pcp. But if they violate the rights of another due to that pcp and become violent and beat the crap out of someone, they are punished. Likewise, if a mother chooses to drink during pregnancy, fine, her choice. But if because of that choice her child is born with FAS, she is held responsible. This way a person is free to do whatever as long as they do not violate your same freedom in that. Not perfect, and could certainly be fine tuned, but I think its good enough to start with.