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Born Again,



I see a pattern from born to born again. I sense spells and rituals from Egypt, as an ancestor and all the rage in Church, especially Roman Catholic - 11/27/2013, Pope still stuck on no abortion, yep; no women clergy, what - this is worse then the kettle calling a black pot, I'm thinking 'contrapositive' bad. Around Sumeria there is big yin-yang trouble all around the zodiac (

So my ancestor of choice is, will be, where Jesus hung out, pre all the above (Atlantis, LeMuria, ohhhhh), in the world we know or else, the ancient Indians and the Jain Buddist just to be Ortodox.

Do not forget,

- Ballme, Blallme, India.

Google eye in sky winking, yeah, o.k., I see, that, really.


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