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  1. We are very sorry for your loss, and we extend our sympathy to you. We are thinking about you. Melba, Julian, Brian and others In the name of our Teacher, Dr Donny Rock & Roll Church of All Nations
  2. I like watermelon. ;)

  3. I would work harder on my Dream Project. First, I would buy one of the several commercial buildings in town now vacant due to Bushonomics. Then, I would invite and/or round up several women to participate in a Quilt-Making Collective. There are many quilters here, both White and Black. Other projects would be planned, but the main and first one would be quilting, before these artful, industrious women get too old to do it and before they die. Many young women are not interested, and maybe they would get inspired to carry on this great tradition. We also have local craftsmen who make swings, ch
  4. We just had a very enjoyable evening of Italian food and a Japanese movie. We watched Ikiru, a Kurosawa film. It asks the question: If your doctor gave you a death sentence, how would you live out the rest of your life? I know what I would do, but I'll hold back for now and not lead anybody on. What about you? You've got six months to live. What do you do?