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  1. I have to question the logic of people to so vehemently protest this movie, saving the studio millions of dollars in marketing costs by doing the marketing for them.
  2. Thanks for the offer. At this time, I think I'm covered.
  3. Well, that is because Vince McMahon is the son of Satan, and his daddy watches his back. Wrestling is on cable, not network, TV. And the typical wrestling fan doesn't really care about the PTC, anyway. But it seems the show was cancelled due to rating, not any pressure from the PTC. Odd, since normally such protests have the opposite effect...people want to watch to see what all the fuss is about. Don't give the PTC too much credit.
  4. Thanks everyone who PM'd me. If you haven't gotten it already, your review copy should arrive soon. Your help is very much appreciated!
  5. Well, I finally got Bardic Tales and Sage Advice completed, and it should hit Amazon and mass distribution in February. Does anyone here do book reviews for any review sites? Or would you be willing to post reviews at review sites if given the web address to submit to? I'm not asking for "fake" reviews. I'm looking for real reviews from people interested in speculative fiction. And since I know this is an opinionated bunch, I figured I should ask. I'm happy to mail you a review copy, I just ask that you actually write a real review. So if you write reviews anywhere and are interested in
  6. I resent that! I live in my parent's basement! Reality is for people who can't cope with science fiction That was Aayla. Wonder if the planet was Ryloth? From the beginning I thought it was odd that they were so enthusiastic about this "balance the force" prophecy because the Light Side Jedi were powerful and there were no known Dark Jedi. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> When even good becomes too powerful, it can become complacent and fall to corruption and weakness. With no opposing force to test it, the light side becomes too confident in its own abilities, to assured of their rightness to
  7. http://news.yahoo.com/s/eo/20050526/en_movies_eo/16633 File this one under "Hopefully, they will never be able to breed"
  8. They did sense a bond, they just didn't verbalize it as "Hey, you know, you just might be my twin sister!" Neither of them had any reason to believe there was a sibling, after all. Actually, I think Leia caught on quicker than Luke, but then again women normally do As far as Order 66 goes, it seemed perfectly acceptable to me that the Emperor would have such an order in place. It would have to be given at the last possible second, because otherwise the Jedi would "sense a disturbance in the Force." Remember, Yoda had a lag time of just a few second, and it was enough for him to escape.
  9. oh, no, trekkies are dorks... is there a name for the star wars obsessed? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I believe the word you are looking for is cultists...
  10. Went and saw it this weekend with a bunch of friends. The most truthful statement in the movie is when Zaphod explains that you can't be president if you have a whole brain. Doesn't that just explain EVERYTHING!
  11. Even Whispers Can Be Heard, by Gerald Brooker. I received it as part of a poetry exchange through the Poetry Superhighway Everyone agreed to send someone a copy of their book in exchange for getting a copy of someone elses. Its been so long since I sat down and read a complete book of poetry, and nw I remember why I use to read so much of it! Nothing like curling up with a little book of poetry and a cup of french vanilla coffee
  12. Would anyone be interested in giving me their opinion of a novella I just finished? I normally deal in much shorter fiction (under 3000 words), and this one is pushing 27,000. It's a Chutlhu-esque horror story set in the early 20's regarding a search for a forgotten pharoah's tomb. I need an outside opinion on it, as my friends always just tell me how great I am...not that I mind my ego being stroked, but some constructive reviews would be great. I can e-mail it in RTF format to anyone interested.