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  1. I love good movies, the best being the one's critics say aren't any good. My rule of thumb is that if a critic pans a film I usually love it. Car chase movies are the best, most notably those from the 70's like Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, Vanishing Point, Gone in 60 Seconds...I'm a die hard Mopar Freak, meaning I have a love affair with Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth automobiles. I just got a 2008 Charger Daytona R/T, and you wouldn't believe how many Mustangs want a piece of me, lol. It's like the chase scene out of Bullit starring Steve McQueen. I'm a movie junkie, it's television I don't like...
  2. Rev. Elkins, Congratulations to you!!! I was just as excited to recieve mine, even more so to recieve my license from the state. However, my mother, a self proclaimed prophet, considered it blasphemy and doesn't recognize me as a minister. She claims that God spoke to her and told her that I did not know Jesus because I didn't follow the proper channels to obtain my ordination. This was a blow to my excitement and it got me down a little, but it didn't keep me down. I don't understand her anymore. She claims that she knows all and I know nothing. She has prophesied to people and to date, (13 y
  3. Why I Became Ordained By The Ulc? Since I was 13 years old I have wanted to be a minister. I have been in and out of many different churches since then and found that my faith was actually being damaged by the many different aspects of those officiating many of those churches. For the most part preachers would teach from their own opinion and not focus on the word of God in its literal meaning. I had spent a lot of time in churches that practiced healing, the kind where they lay their hands on people and claim to heal cancer and all sorts of diseases. The problem I saw was that these people th