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  1. Just wanted to pop in and give everyone an update. We opened our bank account.... easiest bit of the process. Wonderful lady. We're planning our first set of services now... our opening service being that of the Samhain Festival. Open to all... I'm really excited about it. You've all been such a wonderful help, and the support you've lent has been great. Thank you all so very much! We're putting the Incorporation on hold just for now so we can take stock of our situation. Its no good to have an incorporated church if we have no services or participants! But once we tackle that again, I'll be s
  2. Thanks for that info... but we've already been there. That's what prompted us to go to Trenton. We went to the Corporate FIling Unit - it was definitely the right place. Problem is, they had no idea what they were doing. Just like this website, they weren't aware of the laws pertaining to "Title 16" Incorporation. New Jersey has special laws for the incorporation of churches. We can file with a reduced fee, in the order of only $25, and no annual filing for we'd be tax exempt. The website doesn't provide for it... and the person we spoke to was totally unknowledgable on the subject, d
  3. Quick update.... Our day in Trenton... was very frustrating. As expected, they had no clue what they were doing. They sent us back to our conty clerk to register, who then was very happy to register us a Trade Name which according to them is something many churches have done, because it enables them to open a bank account. And, as an unincorp. association, that may be useful. BUT fact of the matter is, incorps. of ALL kinds are meant to be done by Trenton. We caled an yelled at them again, and got yet some other explaination, saying we need to do something federally which was just total BS. So
  4. One quick question for all who have congregations.... I'm wondering how many of you charge membership dues, and how much? We are currently pondering this subject, trying to keep things very fair, but still making it possible to finance our congregation, as nothing comes free. Thanks!
  5. Very good advice, as always Von. Just wanted to provide an update.... We received our Congregation Certificate from HQ this week, so as far as HQ goes, we are official. We (the rest of the board and I) are planning on going to Trenton (NJ state capitol) on Monday the 29th to file our Incorporation in person with the State Corporate Filings Unit as a Title 16 (Religious) Non-profit Organization. So at that point we will then be an officially official group, outside our affiliation with HQ. This way, if anything ever does happen to HQ, we still exist as a congregation in perpetuity. We won't hav
  6. That's incredible Von! I sincerely hope that such compassionate people come to aid the development of our congregation. I just really hope we may be so welcomed in the community, as ours is a Pagan centered church. I'd REALLY like to know how you managed the $1 Lease agreement. As for the 501©(3).... I've done a RIDICULOUS amount of research... and found this that ALL may be interested in: Just a small piece of the whole information... this piece can be found at Also: To be found at
  7. Thank you very much! Now, I have a question for those who have established congregations, not just with the ULC, but also did all the appropriate paperwork with the federal and state gov'ts.... I'm wondering, how did you all decide to file? Did you incorporate as a Nonprofit with your state, or did you stay an unincorporated association? Did you apply (and receive) 501©3 Tax Exemption? Basically I'm wondering what other congregations did to satisfy their legal obligations. Now mind you I'm not looking for legal advice, as the board forbids, and rightfully so... I'm wondering what different pat
  8. I just wanted to give an updae to everyone interested.... Myself, my Treasurer, and Secretary all got together yesterday, filled out the form for Headquarters (and called them with a small question, such nice people always!). We got a Money Order, and mailed out the form! We also worked until 1am on all the things we're going to need. We've gotten the EIN, so that we can establish a bank account. That part is always very simple. We found the 1023 form for Tax-Exempt, and have been reviewing that. The MAIN part of our accomplishment is the total creation of our by-laws. This in great detail out
  9. Thanks for the great advice :-) I'll be sure to make good use of it. In other news, I performed my first wedding ceremony today! Went ver ysmooth, and was quite beautiful. A wonderful couple!
  10. Thank you both for the quick response! And good luck to you bsawtelle! So any advice for a new startup?
  11. Hi everybody! As the title suggests... I have decided to start a new congregation, and wish to do so with 2 of my close friends and spiritual partners. Now I am pretty clear on most everything. But I do have one question. I sent an email to HQ through their website's contact form. I'm not sure if it went through properly, especially since their web store has been down for 2 months now... but I have yet to receive an answer from them. My question is on behalf of one of my two associates. He was wondering if Ordination was a requirement for him to be named as one of the required 3 board members.
  12. I became ordained for several reasons. In no particular order.... Because as a Wiccan, there is no centralized church, or religious government. So even though the USA recognizes Wicca as a religion, you still have a difficult time being recognized as clergy.... which leads to the second point... In order to officiate over official things, mainly Marriage, you must be ORDAINED clergy. Like I said before, it is difficult to be recognized as such without an established central church or such. And finally, I've been toying with the idea of pulling my other spiritual people together to form a Congr