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  1. Death of an Atheist Death the lingering darkness, How subtle yet fast it comes, We can not escape fate, Death in the end will win. There is hope however, Be you Atheist or not, Find reassurance in immortality, For you will live forever. When death takes you, Earth and you will become one, You and the earth will spawn new life, Together you will grow into tomorrow. Now look to the sky, See the stars shine, One day that will be us, Shining for all to see. Our atoms were created in the stars, We are all made of stardust, The old ancient star that went nova, Created the world we live in. Many many
  2. ... but just then his father walked in a rich man who was built like a professional wrestler and saw the golden pencil box...
  3. A fine young lass and his puppy walked in on this site that scarred him for life for he was here to...
  4. he got depressed and headed down the road to..
  5. Asian peddler that was selling exactly what you needed but...
  6. a purple ape ran down the street with $3...
  7. ...Off he headed listing to his book on tape that filled his heart with courage. As he left the building to call a car...
  8. ...Tirdrom. It was a treacherous journey but it was ok cause he had his Ipod loaded with Journey...
  9. ...found that it was not in stock, so he went to another page and found it, but he had to pick it up personally...
  10. I love vampire flicks but I have not seen this movie yet sadly!
  11. What is time? Is it a VCR that I control? What is time? Would it be better if I let it roll? For I had raced through my life, Never stopping until I met her. Many years later she stands my wife, Now time is no longer a blur. For many years I fast-forwarded my existence, I wanted so much to see the conclusion, No longer do I wish to shorten the distance, No longer do I live in disillusion. Time is a river that flows, Let it take you because it knows. ~Rev Goofy Mofo Enjoy!
  12. Death comes to every one weather they are taken to soon or they grow old and die it is just a natural part of life. When a person passes on to what some call the next life or they just die and there is no life after death. For this writing, I will focus on there Physical essence. When a person dies, as humans, we will bury them or we will cremate there bodies. There bodies then become one with the earth and help fertilize the land and help produce more life for the living and future generations. Now look up at the stars they are thousands of years old and make our existence fill but a spec in