State Laws (other Then Marriage)

Dorian Gray

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This site has sections that covers Mandatory Reporting and Privileged Communication. As always, this site is NOT the state laws. Take the time and due diligence to fact check against the actual state laws and statues that are usually located on the states official homepage (usually a or .gov type url) for the most current and up to date information. If you have any questions about what you read, contact your state representatives for your state legislature and/or an attorney admitted to the bar in your state.

Disclaimer: The Owners, Operators, Administrators, and Moderators of this site not an attorney and this does not constitute legal advice. Any advice you may perceive from this article is worth exactly what you paid for it. For your own protection, you should consult the actual statutes, an Attorney admitted to the Bar, and/or your Legislative Representatives in your jurisdiction for competent legal advice.

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