What Genre Of Music You Love To Listen?


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hello all, hope your all having fun out there , psytrance, is a style of trance music, but it allows you to be in a more mediative state of mind, here's a good video that goes into the spirituality of it more


if you want to watch the whole thing and check out some other stuff about it you can take a look at


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Let me respond by listing some (as in, I'm sure I'll miss some) bands I've gotten hooked on, past or present:

3 Doors Down -- Rock

Emilie Autumn -- Gothic Rock/"Victoriandustrial" (her word)

Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne -- Classic Metal

Michelle Branch -- Pop

Creed -- Hard Rock

Disturbed -- Metal

Edenbridge -- Symphonic Gothic Metal

Enya -- New Age

Foo Fighters -- Rock

Green Day -- Pop-Punk

Kansas - Classic Rock

La Primavera -- Renaissance

Led Zeppelin -- Classic Rock/Metal

Linkin Park -- Metal Rap

Nickelback -- Hard Rock

Nightwish -- Symphonic Gothic Metal

Rise Against -- Pop(?)-Punk Rock

Savage Garden -- Soft Rock

Styx -- Classic Pop/Rock

The Walkingbirds -- Folk

The Wallflowers -- Pop/Rock

Trip Wamsley -- Bass Soloist (so, Jazz?)

Weezer -- Pop/Rock

Dar Williams -- Folk/Pop

Within Temptation -- Symphonic Gothic Metal

I'm also really liking Revel Moon, a (pagan) folk band.

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~ I'm eclectic.

I like electronic too, house, jungle.

{& the ancients like Kraftwerk}

& classical, tend toward the dramatic there, Katchaturian, Wagner, Tchachovsky {sp}.

'Classic' rock, blues {I'm crazy for blues harmonica... yuuum!}

& some country, Dolly Parton's just too sweet not to like!

Progressive jazz sometimes &, well, pretty much anything done well.

Yeah!, what Qryos said...only more of it!

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Depends on the mood.

Genres: Usually non-mainstream, Cajun, Folk/Jazz fusion, Classical, things I used to hear on 'stoned DJ FM', '60's folk, blues, country/rock.

Some artists:

Dr. Hook

Dr. John

Neville Brothers

John Prine

Iris Dement

Hoyt Axton

Leo Kottke

Jethro Tull

Steely Dan

Leonard Cohen

EmmyLou Harris

Susan Tedeschi

David Grisman

Tom Waits

Tom Lehrer

Guitar pickers extraordinaire: Paco de Lucia, John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola

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